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10 Practical Tips For Female Solo AirBnB Travel (2023)

10 Practical Tips For Female Solo AirBnB Travel - For When You Need A Solo Escape. Safety Tips And Others That Help You Have A Successful Stay And Trip.


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Right before Covid hit, I booked my first female solo travel adventure and decided on an AirBnB trip a state away. It wasn’t too far from home, but it was just far enough.

It was not my first time traveling as a solo female, but it was my first time staying in a new city where I didn’t have anyone local that I knew.

Here are my 10 practical tips for female solo AirBnB travel. Ya know, just in case you ever find yourself needing to book a solo getaway, STAT, to a new city where nobody knows your name.


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Why I Decided To Book A Female Solo AirBnB Adventure

Traveling to a new city alone, where no one locally knew who I was, had always been on my bucket list of things to do. I happily crossed this off my list back in November of 2019, which seems like a lifetime ago, thanks to Covid-19. Although traveling after the pandemic is a little different now, these ten tips for a successful SOLO AirBnB trip still apply. 

The Covington, KY AirBnB Video Tour

Join 2019 me for a walk-through, silent tour of the AirBnB I booked for my stay.  Tap on the image below to view the video. 

Fun fact about me: I’m also an illustration artist and I’m working on launching a new brand centered around children’s books and more fun stuff! My AirBnB tours are a part of my studio series, as I LOVE booking new places to write, draw and gain inspiration. HeyHappyHello Co

Full Photo And Written Honest Review coming up, next!

Join 2019 me for a walk-through, silent tour of the AirBnB I booked for my stay.  Tap on the image below to view the video. 

Fun fact about me: I’m also an illustration artist and I’m working on launching a new brand centered around children’s books and more fun stuff! My AirBnB tours are a part of my studio series, as I LOVE booking new places to write, draw and gain inspiration. HeyHappyHello Co

Full Photo And Written Honest Review coming up, next!

TIP 1: Do your location research before you book your AirBnB Travel Trip

I fully utilize Google’s Instant Street View when I am planning my trip. This is especially true when I’m going to be visiting a new area that’s unfamiliar to me. If you’re interested in a cute little place or room that you find on AirBnB’s website, you can click the map information to get an approximate location. You won’t receive the direct address until booking confirmation.

How To Research AirBnB Locations

I make a note of a few streets listed close to the little dot on the map in the AirBnb listing, pull up Instant Street View and take a look around. I can zoom into the EXACT same area as the listing and as long as the place you’re interested in has photos of the exterior, you can do some super sleuthing and find the address. Knowing the exact area of the listing makes me feel safe, personally, and more confident in my decision to book a specific AirBnB.

TIP 2: Pre-plan any activities you would like to do while you’re in the area

Knowing the purpose behind your trip, before you book it, may sound silly. But sometimes we don’t completely think about what we want our trip to look like until we are there. I’m talking mostly to the wanderlust loving traveler who is more spontaneous in nature, than the Type-A planner. You’re the kinda person who gets up and goes! I wish I was more like you. I’m the crazy planner!

If you’re wanting to travel for a one night stay like me, in order to get away from the happy chaos of your normal day-to-day, then perhaps you’ll want to stay in and enjoy the quiet. Gosh, that was N-I-C-E.

If you’re planning to do anything outside of the house/room, then definitely think about restaurants, attractions, events, shopping and anything else you could possibly do in the area and how you’ll be getting to those locations. 

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TIP 3: Reach out to the Airbnb host with any questions prior to booking*

Okay, so this one is either a hit or a miss, when contacting the AirBnB Host (before a paid reservation). I booked a trip in Columbus, Ohio before I booked my first solo AirBnb stay in a different city and state. I ended up canceling my reservation after arriving, due to several poor management issues. My correspondence (before, during and even after) with that Host was a huge fail. It turned out that he told me what I wanted to hear in order for me to book the trip and then did NOT deliver. Getting a refund was incredibly difficult. Another time, while I was working on Stylish Milk Magazine’s final issue, I wanted to do a photo shoot at a super cute AirBnB, for one of my articles. I reached out to the Host and they ignored me completely. So as you could probably guess, I did not book with them and booked a different AirBnB instead. If you have questions, it never hurts to reach out to the host beforehand. But just be aware that sometimes hosts don’t bother to answer emails unless you’ve paid them with a booked reservation.

TIP 4: Think About Parking, Transportation Required And Plan Ahead

This one is super important as a female solo traveller. You definitely don’t want to find yourself carrying luggage (or photo and video equipment on top of luggage in my instance) for miles upon miles. I actually did this when I traveled to New York City for the first time in the late Summer of 2019 when it was dreadfully hot. Carrying heavy bags that didn’t have wheels was not my smartest moment.

I hadn’t traveled by air in a decade, okay, give this girl a break. I’ll tell ya about that trip in the near future, too. It was very, well, interesting. Anyway, I had a huge lapse in judgement for my NYC trip, but I am thankful for the tough life lesson. I kept this in mind for my solo trip to Covington, KY, and made sure to consider parking ahead of time.

The cute little one bedroom apartment that I booked was located on a busy street, but they did have a private parking space located right across the two-lane road, in a private lot, that was wide-open and well-lit. I could keep an eye on my car from the front window of my AirBnB and I knew I wouldn’t be going back to the car til checkout the next day, so I felt good about this particular scenario.

I’m so glad I went with that place, vs the other cute one I was considering. It turns out that the other place didn’t have parking at all. It was street-only and a “good luck if you can find a spot” type of situation according to the reviews. I may be alright with that scenario if I wasn’t traveling alone or was not new to the area, but since I WAS solo AND new to the area, knowing my parking situation ahead of time took all the anxiety and nerves away.

I knew what to expect, which gave me a sound, peace of mind.

TIP 5: Review AirBnB house rules and book your stay

Booking and staying in an AirBnb is definitely a different experience, than booking a hotel room. House rules are most definitely a thing. The most common rules are “no guests allowed, unless they are added to your booked stay” (and they charge for the additional person/people, just an FYI). A second common rule you’ll find is “no parties/loud noise after 10p.” Which is understood, as a lot of AirBnB’s are in residential areas, even in the city. There are usually a handful of other rules that can vary slightly depending on the AirBnB type. But for the most part, Hosts tend to all have similar rules. Don’t break those rules and you’ll be good to go! If you agree with the rules, book that AirBnB, girl!

TIP 6: Plan To Arrive During Daylight Hours

Traveling to a new place can be daunting to a solo female traveler who isn’t used to a wanderlust kinda lifestyle. Arriving in the daylight makes the entire arrival experience so much easier! It’s difficult to find your way around a busy city, in the night time. If you’re going for a more rural area, then you may be able to navigate just fine in the dark. But it might be a safety risk, if you’re solo. 

Safety, first is my motto when traveling solo.

I know that it would make me feel incredibly uncomfortable to travel alone to an area I wasn’t familiar with, firsthand, during nighttime hours. A lot of AirBnB Hosts have a 4pm check-in time. But sometimes you will see 3pm. You can also reach out to the Host ahead of time to request an early arrival, although if they are booked with someone else the day before you’re set to or wanting to arrive, the chances of early arrival (with a fee) is highly unlikely.

TIP 7: Utilize Convenience Services If You Change Your Mind About Leaving Your AirBnB

For a brief moment after my arrival to the AirBnB, I thought about walking to a nearby restaurant (pre-covid) to treat myself to dinner. This is something I’ve never done before and is listed on my life’s master bucket list as “Take Myself On A Date.” But when it came down to making a decision, I decided to play it safe and stay in. I wasn’t feeling any good vibes, and I listen to my intuition, always. I downloaded DoorDash and ordered Chipotle for dinner. Within 20 minutes my order was delivered right to the front door. It was awesome! I’m actually really happy I stayed in and quite literally took a life breather. It was so good for my mama soul.

TIP 8: Clean up as you go

This one should be self-explanatory.  I found that if I took a few moments to clean up after myself, as I hung out in each space of the apartment, it was a lot easier to tackle the “before I leave” list on check-out day.  Some AirBnB Hosts will ask you to remove the bedding and place it in a washer, before exiting, so the cleaning crew didn’t have to touch your dirty laundry. Others don’t ask you to do anything prior to check-out. This goes back to reading all the house rules before your trip.

TIP 9: Triple Check Each Area For Personal Belongings Before You Lock Up And Check-Out

I did this for each space in my AirBnB, but I still forgot some things. Perishable things, so it wasn’t a huge deal, but damnit, I left my wine and left-over chipotle bowl. Yes, you guessed correctly; I forgot to check the fridge.

Aside from that, I triple checked each space because I would have been devastated had I left any camera or video equipment, my expensive iPad or my favorite pair of pajamas. Ya feel me?

TIP 10: Enjoy Your Solo Time!

I have an incredibly noisy home. I love my four kiddos, but damn, they are LOUD. Like all the time, loud. Booking a solo trip from time to time is therapy for this mama. And it’s something I look forward to doing more in the near future.
I went into my first (unfamiliar with the area) solo travel experience knowing that I probably wouldn’t be out and about in the evening of my stay, so I brought along my iPad to do some sketching, turned on a Netflix movie I had been wanting to see, took a long hot shower, put on my pajamas and ordered take-out via DOORDASH!
I stayed up late, because I was enjoying how quiet it was. And I went to sleep in a super comfy bed, knowing that I wouldn’t have any little people waking me up in the middle of the night. It was magical!

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I hope you found these 10 Tips For Female Solo Travel AirBnB Trip (2023) helpful. I also hope they inspire you to book (or start saving up for) a solo adventure in the near future. Thank you for reading this post! xo

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