3 Ingredient Brewed Coffee Protein Shake Drink Recipe

Plant-based, Vegan, GF vanilla protein powder plus room temp already brewed coffee and almond milk make the most delicious combo and midday pick me up caffeine boost! 3 ingredients. Toppings optional. You have to try this!


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Should you mix plant-based, vegan, gluten-free vanilla protein powder plus room temp already brewed coffee and almond milk together? YES, please! This combination  makes for the most delicious combo and mid-day pick me up caffeine boost! Just 3 ingredients. Toppings optional. You have to try this Brewed Coffee Protein Shake Drink Recipe; seriously.

Yes, 100% you can add together room temp, already brewed coffee with protein powder. Not only is it delicious, but it’s a great coffee creamer alternative AND the final drink is packed with protein.

Let's brew some coffee, shall we?

If you’re a coffee drinker who makes a pot at a time, every single morning, this recipe may excite you, like it does me! After trying many types of coffee makers throughout my adulthood years, I’ve come to really love the pour-over coffee method the most. And my Bodum Double Wall Maker is my favorite, to date. I suppose you can say that I am all about intentional, slow, coffee making. It’s also great because I’m the only one who drinks hot coffee in the mornings.

Needless to say, I don’t drink the full 8 cups my pour over coffee maker makes and always have about two cups leftover. One day, around 1pm, I was getting ready to clean the kitchen up (my four kids are little tornadoes I tell you) and as I reached for the coffee maker to mix a yummy drink for my houseplants, I wondered if maybe I could mix up a little something for myself instead. I was hungry and it was snack time.

Can I add brewed coffee to protein powder?

The short answer is YES! But at first, I honestly didn’t know the answer to that. I had read that you should never reheat already brewed coffee; that the taste get’s ruined. I did put that to the test if you were wondering and yes the taste does change. I’ll now only reheat my coffee if I’m desperate for one more hot sip after a very stressful, rushed morning. Since I wasn’t reheating the coffee and I already knew what a basic almond milk and protein powder mixed shake tasted like, I found myself incredibly curious to find out if I could add coffee. So I went for it. 

3 Ingredient Brewed Coffee Protein Shake Drink Recipe

How long is brewed coffee good for at room temp?

The answer to this varies widely, depending on who you chat with. I personally never drink brewed coffee past 6 hours. I do keep my pour over coffee maker covered, but not tightly. In fact, I really just throw a square pot holder over the top and walk away. Simple, but effective, ha! 

Yes, we can mix coffee and protein powder together, but should it be hot or cold coffee?

Okay, friend. You can totally add hot, freshly brewed coffee or cold already brewed coffee or even a third option of cold-brew coffee to protein powder. Still with me? But dare I say out loud that I don’t like mixing straight powder with coffee directly.  You can. I have read that many others do this, but my stomach did not agree with this method.

In my second attempt at mixing coffee with protein powder, I decided to go with a more subtle approach and crossed my fingers as I took my first sip!


Pour Over Coffee Maker

Out of all the coffee makers I’ve purchased throughout my adulthood years, this very pour-over coffee maker is my favorite! I love it so much and I use it every single day. It has a double wall of glass so it stays warmer, longer. It’s got the most adorable cork grip (thats easy to wash) and it’s quite cute. 

Another favorite thing is that it’s small enough to fit inside a cabinet and I don’t have to leave it out on the countertop. oh, and no paper filters needed!

Let's make a 3 ingredient Brewed Coffee Protein Shake Drink Recipe!

Before we dive into this incredibly simple, protein packed drink and mid-day caffeine pick-me-up, I do want to say that I found that adding (in order) the almond milk, then the protein powder, then the room temp brewed coffee helped the actual mixing of ingredients tremendously. 

Oh and NO BLENDER NEEDED, if you have a shaker cup. Here’s a set of 5 that I purchased recently if you’re interested. They aren’t the BEST out there, but 5 cups for under $20 and something my kids would likely break? I was sold. 

They do a good job mixing up the liquid with the powder, too. 

Does protein powder in coffee taste good?

Yes! Yum! If I’m dragging in the afternoon or my autistic son didn’t sleep the night before and it was my turn to stay up and have an all-nighter party with him, then I need extra caffeine AND easy protein intake. 

I’m also on a get-healthy-journey so this little coffee shake of mine has become a regular recipe for this seemingly always tired mama. Just sayin’. Wait, does that give away my age?!

3 Ingredient Brewed Coffee Protein Shake Drink Recipe

My favorite toppings for a Brewed Coffee Protein Shake, if I'm in the mood for a treat

I’m such a huge fan of whipped cream. It’s delicious low in calorie and you don’t have to feel guilty for adding it to your favorite treat or squirting it directly into your mouth. You do that too, don’t lie.  I recently stumbled upon a keto-friendly spray whipped cream topping with no sugar added (at Walmart) and although it’s not as full or fluffy of a consistency, it’s still delish! I’m actually really excited to try Reddi-wip’s non-diary coconut milk whipped topping soon. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think in a new recipe. Hmmm, perhaps a dessert?

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I personally use the Sugar & Kush CBD drops daily. They help me manage my stress and anxiety. I LOVE love love them and cannot wait to develop my first CBD dessert recipe for the GP Food Blog. 

BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker
Plant-Based Protein Powder
Set of 5 Protein Shaker Cups

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