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5 AM Morning Routine In Your 40s And Calming Monthly Reset

In September 2022, the month I turned 40, I decided to start scheduling a date with myself and make sure that I kept that date, no matter what. Living intentionally takes practice and strength. It can truly help kickstart a brand new month with a positive mindset!


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I don’t know what exactly made me decide to start scheduling a date with myself at the beginning of each new month, but I’m so glad I did!

Being in control of a specific scenario helps me to feel empowered. Creating a 5 am morning routine and calming monthly reset every single month, with it being a priority, truly changed my life!

Because of this one intentional lifestyle change and single commitment to myself to just show up, I was able to start what I’m calling my 365 Day Get Happy, Healthy & Fit adventure.


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How To start a 5 am morning routine in your 40s

Starting a 5 am morning routine in your 40s has been life changing for me. I wasn’t able to commit to a daily 5 AM wake up at the time of starting this new routine, but I’m happy to say that it’s become a regular occurrence, with the intent to wake daily at 5a very soon. Anyway!  Starting with just one day, at the beginning of the month, was the perfect way to feel inspired, empowered and just better. And it was EASY to commit to. 

How did I actually START doing this though? To begin, start off with a few basic steps – keep it super simple and EASY to implement so that you feel successful. Here’s what I did.

  1. First, set an alarm for a few minutes before 5 am and make sure it’s placed somewhere that you can easily hear it. Tip for you – name your alarm “5 AM Date With Myself. MUST Show up!” A rule I’ve made for myself is to be up and out of bed by 5 am.
  2. Secondly, make sure you have all your supplies, tools, crafts (whatever you plan on doing during that time you intentionally take for yourself) ready for the morning. Maybe it’s preparing your coffee maker so that you can brew right away. Maybe it’s setting out a comfy robe or clothes if you have somewhere to be. Maybe it’s having a journal and pen ready, if you plan on setting some goals for the day ahead (or month ahead in my case).
  3. Once you’ve got everything ready, it’s time to get up and start your day! You did it!!! Be sure to take a few minutes to enjoy your morning before beginning your daily to-do’s and give attention to other commitments.

What my 5 aM Morning Routine & Monthly Reset Looks Like As A 40 Year Old Woman

It was September, 2022 and I had just turned 40 years old.

In all honesty, when I first started doing this, I was missing my mother something fierce; It was the 20th year anniversary of her passing. And here I was, in my 40s, feeling all kinds of lost. 

I also hadn’t started getting serious about getting happy, healthy and fit just yet. So going into a new morning routine, I knew I had to start with simple things that I knew to be true about myself.

I love the art of slowly making my morning cup of coffee in my pour-over coffee maker and the sounds my electric tea kettle make.

I love goal-setting and making lists and writing down all the ideas that come to mind in my art journal. I love the smell of my favorite spiced pumpkin scented candle, so I lit that first.

And I made sure to pay close attention to the sound of crickets outside my window.

Needless to say, this morning routine and monthly reset was the first intentional act of self-love in quite a long time and it was the BEST gift I’ve ever given myself. 

5 AM Morning Routine Ideas For A Positive Day Ahead

I am fairly certain I can write an entire journal entry on ideas alone, so I’ll share a handful of my personal favorites!

  • Start by stretching, meditating, or doing some light exercises to get the blood flowing and energy levels up. Plus, when you focus on your breathing, you can also clear your mind. This is the first thing I do, in order to mentally prepare myself for a calming monthly reset. More on that shortly.
  • Listen to some calming music; choose something that helps you to relax and start your day on a peaceful note. OR if you are a dance like no one is watching kinda person, put on something that feels GOOD and gets you moving and the positive vibes flowing. Honestly, I’m more of the dancin’ girl in this scenario. Ha!
  • If you are able to, go for a morning walk or jog; This also falls into the moving your body category, but sometimes you might need something a little more, ya know? Morning walks or a jog can also help you gain a clear mind and reset for the day ahead.
  • Make yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee; Cold brew if you are a cold coffee kind of person. I actually LOVE my pour-over coffee maker because it forces me to make coffee slowly and appreciate the smells and calming practice overall.
  • I also light a candle to get myself into the mood for a monthly reset. For daily routines, a smell that you just LOVE can also get you into a happy, positive vibes kinda mood.
  • Write in a journal; spend a few moments reflecting on your thoughts and feelings and jotting down anything you need to remember. I use this blank art journal every single day. I love being able to draw and doodle along with list-make and goal set. This act alone has also helped me practice intentional living.

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Rebuilding your life in your 40s requires you to first make the decision to commit to yourself, full-heartedly. Once I did that, I sat myself down and asked myself some tough questions with the intention of being very honest when it was time to answer. Which is a lot harder than it seems on the surface. Especially the questions I asked myself. I did NOT hold back.

This is such an important part of my life (that I continually practice) now that I’m 40 and I’m excited to keep going. If you’re ready to join me and get super honest with yourself, visit 40 Empowering Questions To Ask Yourself In Your 40s, next. 

Why Practice A Calming Monthly Reset In Your 40's?

For me, turning 40 was significant in several ways.  I am now close to the age my mom was when she passed away (20 years ago, unfortunately) which makes me view every single day given to me as a blessing.  The other significance is now that my youngest is 5 years old and in kindergarten, I’m able to start paying a little more attention to myself. Becoming more intentional with my time, my things, my home, my hobbies and even my blogging business has completely shifted, in the best way. 

6 reasons why a monthly reset is beneficial to your mental health

  • A monthly reset allows you to take an intentional break from stress and clear your mind of all the gunk that has built-up over the previous month, perhaps leaving you feeling anything, but positive. 
  • A monthly reset can help you feel more relaxed and refocused, and can help you to be more productive and creative in different areas of your life. It’s like a breath of fresh air!
  • For me, a monthly reset is a chance to start over (literally) on a blank piece of paper with my goals and ideas for the month ahead of me. PLUS, knowing that I’m setting short-term goals for myself in all areas of my life has proven to be a successful method of feeling more centered, overall.
5 AM Morning Routine In Your 40s and calming monthly reset advice image of coffee and journal on a bed
  • A monthly reset gives you the opportunity to reflect on the month you just experienced and assess your progress, along with what you didn’t like and what you loved. This can help you set new, intentional goals and identify areas that you would like to improve upon, too.
  • For me, a monthly reset also gives me a chance (it’s such a gift!) to spend intentional time with myself and practice self-care. I need all the practice I can get! 
  • Taking the intentional time that comes along with a monthly reset in your 40s means you have the incredible opportunity to relax, practice mindfulness, and focus on yourself (and I mean really focus on yourself) which can help you to better manage any stress and/or anxiety. I know this helps me, with mine.

Well, are you going to try a 5 AM morning routine for yourself?

How about a monthly reset?! I wish you luck, love and positive vibes in your adventure in getting to know yourself more intimately. Thank you for reading this post; I hope it inspired you to at least consider giving it a try.

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