amazon fashion haul as a woman in her 40s image collage of bri alli in different outfits

My First Amazon Fashion Haul As A Woman In Her 40s. It Was Awesome!

To say this was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, would be a understatement. Sounds silly right? It’s just clothing.

But you see, loving myself enough to even do a fashion haul…this is one of the best acts of self love I could have ever done for myself.

Let’s talk about it (and see my haul).


Girl Planted By Bri Alli Is All About Embracing Cozy Intentionalism To Create The Home, Life + Personal Brand You Love

I’ve let my past traumas affect me for far too long. My very first Amazon Fashion Haul As A Woman In Her 40s was not only challenging for me personally, but it was the ultimate act of self love; a gift I’ve been wanting to give myself for literally decades, but never quite could til now.

Now that I’m in my 40s I have a new understanding of life, love and adventure from having been through the difficult life trenches in my 20s and 30s. I have found myself in a life phase of giving myself more love, patience and time. 

I’m also pursuing all my interests without regret.

So, did I like everything I chose with Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe, Try Before You Buy? Let’s see how this first fashion haul went! 


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Try-On Haul Women's Fashion In Her 40s Flatlay

I went for comfy and cute this first order. I also wanted to challenge myself to put together as many outfits from these 6 items as possible, as a way to practice the art of creating a capsule wardrobe. I’ll be putting together different styled flatlays soon with these 6 items (YES! I kept all of them) and a handful of items I already own and love. Here’s the first flatlay!

For now though, let’s try these 6 items on and see how I’ve styled them. I feel a little awkward taking selfies, but ya know, I’m just gonna go with it!

Note: The Fawn Design Purse was mine already and added only to this flatlay image. I’m also wearing my favorite real human hair blonde wig. It’s about time to retire it, as I’ve had it for over a year and have worn it out basically, but I love it, so.

Outfit One

Bri Alli self portrait wearing brown sweater and blue jeans

Outfit Two

Bri Alli self portrait wearing a plain white tee, blue jeans and black boots

Outfit Three

Bri Alli self portrait wearing red flannel shirt, black tee, blue jeans and black boots

Outfit Four

Bri Alli selfie wearing black tee, blue jeans and black boots

Outfit Five

Bri Alli Self portrait wearing a black sweatshirt, blue jeans and black boots

Do I Recommend Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy?

Honestly? 100%! I did keep all 6 items ordered. They fit so well, which surprised me in the best way. The rain boots go with everything and will last me for years to come. Everything ordered was affordable too.

The jeans were my FAV. I was pregnant for years, it felt like, so I had gotten used to the maternity jeans. When I could wear regular jeans again, I found myself wanting that stretchy, comfy band, without the maternity part. 

These jeans, my friend, are QUEEN. They are incredible. I love them and they will fit well as I continue to lose weight, because of their soft, stretchy, but concealing properties. This mama has a baby belly still!

The sweatshirt is light weight so that will take me into the Spring season easily (I’m always cold, too). But for being a basic sweatshirt, it was quite soft and comfy. 

Flannel? Classic! I wear flannels with my sleeves rolled up in the Spring, too. Perhaps I’m just weird, but I like being weird. Ha!

I think though, the basic tees surprised me the most. They were so soft and the perfect amount of stretchy. I will not be buying any other type of basic tee from here on out, I love them THAT much! Crazy.

self portrait of bri alli, author of girl planted lifestyle blog

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Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans In Harmony (Size 14 Medium)
a dummy head wearing a blonde human hair wig
Blonde Human Hair Wig 150% Density Middle Part Balayage (18 Inches)


How Does Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy Work?

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy is super convenient, y’all. There’s a pretty decent selection of items to choose from (although not every seller on amazon offers this, which is a bummer in my opinion).

Anyway, I tried this program for myself and I was excited to choose up to six items. I actually write about why I decided to give this Amazon service a try here, if you’re interested in my why.

So pretty much you get to try on clothes and accessories and more, from the comfort of your own home vs going to a store and trying things on in a dressing room.

Once you’ve chosen three or more items of clothing, shoes, and accessories from eligible brands, add them to your Prime Wardrobe order, and they’ll be shipped to your door without charging your credit card.

You’ll have up to seven days to decide what you’d like to keep. Be careful when trying items on. Don’t take the tags off or wear anything out of the house. If you don’t like something, just send back the ones you don’t want for free with the included prepaid return label

Pssst. I process my Amazon retuns at Kohl’s, personally. It’s just easier for me.

If you decide to keep one or more of the items, you can pay for them before the end of the seven-day period, keep them and enjoy your new pretty things. Whoop!

What If I Need Help Styling Myself?

I feel like I did pretty well choosing items myself for this first order. I did however, choose items in my comfort zone. I did NOT jump out of my comfy little life box. When I try this amazon service a second time (which I totally can’t wait to do!) I am going to try their Personal Shopper service.

I had no idea this was an option until I got on to choose my first set of items. Basically how Personal Shopper works: it’s a styling service that provides style inspiration and personalized recommendations after their stylist team learns more about your style, fit, and budget. The stylist will curate pieces for you!

Fun, right? I am quite excited and a bit nervous to see what a stylist comes up for me, if I ever get the nerve to step outside of my comfy life box. It’s about time, I know. 

Save Amazon Fashion Haul As A Woman In Her 40s For Later

amazon fashion haul as a woman in her 40s image collage of bri alli in different outfits
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Final Thoughts

Thank you for checking out my first ever amazon fashion haul for this woman in her 40s! I was terrified and didn't even attempt to style my wig. It is, what it is. Ha!

I always tell my content creating clients to just get started creating and post it! You can only grow the more you do something new or scary or both in my case. Regardless, I'm so happy I did this for myself.

Self-love is everything, darling.

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