Best Container For Salad - Bentgo All In One Review

Best Container For Salad Bentgo All In One Review

Best Container For Salad - Bentgo All In One Review. Meal Prepping A Salad And Lettuce Has Never Been Easier! Unboxing Stop Motion Video


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Eating at least one salad a day has proven to be helpful in my weight loss journey so far and meal prepping is the next step I’ve decided to take.  By purchasing a salad storage container with a lid and separate compartments, meal prep quickly became a reality and has been added to my official list of essential kitchen items. Because I use it daily, I wanted to share the Best Container For Salad Bentgo All In One Review. Spoiler Alert: I can’t wait to buy more!

Looking for a salad storage container that is large and has separate compartments? I have found a great salad container for people who like to meal prep or take lunch salads to go. This Bentgo All In One Salad Container is BPA Free, Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe and keeps lettuce fresh.




Can You Pack Salad For Lunch?

Of course you can! Before the Bentgo Salad All-In-One Salad Container, I hated the thought of preparing a salad ahead of time. I had tried using standard meal prep containers that work really well for rice, chicken and likewise, but the lettuce would always be wet and a bit slimy. I stopped packing salad lunch to go, until my son started going back to his Occupational Therapy appointments. 

Hanging out in the parking lot while my beautiful boy got in some therapy time made me realize that I needed to try again, with packing a salad for lunch. Especially because I have grown used to eating a salad a day and truly looked forward to eating it. Finding the Bentgo Salad Container was essential in my salad for lunch, on the go, success.

Best Container For Salad - Bentgo All In One Review


No. 2

What Is The Best Container For Salads? Why?

The Bentgo Salad Container is the BEST container for salad, hands-down. Not only does it have a large main bowl, but the compartment tray that tops that bowl is generous in size and has a separate area for dressings. The separate area for dressing has its very own container, too, ensuring liquids stay off the other food you’ve prepared.

  • View this video to see the this best lunch container in action without food.
  • View this video to see this best lunch container in action with food.


No. 3

What Is Best Container To Keep Lettuce Fresh?

When shopping for a salad storage container, it was important for me to find one that kept my lettuce completely separate inside the container. The salad storage containers that kept the other foods on the same level, always ended up reducing the quality of the lettuce and its freshness factor. Meal Prepping days in advance was not successful.

The Bentgo All In One Salad Container is perfect for keeping lettuce fresh because of its main bottom food compartment. The lettuce is completely separate and sealed away from the other foods packed in the top compartments. I have been able to successfully meal prep a salad lunch days in advance with this salad container to go.


My Favorite Best All In One Lunch And Salad Storage Container With Lid


No. 4

Finding A Good Lunch Box For Salads

Like everything on Amazon, you have to read the reviews and come to a conclusion on your own whether or not to try the product. I really do my research and take other reviews into consideration. 

A few people stated that the dressing lid didn’t snap on and leaked everywhere. Some stated that they dropped it and the container broke easily. Others wrote that they didn’t think it held enough food. The product listing has 33,000 reviews and came in at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Personally, I felt it was worth the try. 

Finding a good lunch box was essential for me, but for my kids as well. I love the Bentgo line and can’t wait to add to my personal collection.


No. 5

Where To Buy Bentgo Lunch Boxes

Best Container For Salad - Bentgo All In One Review

Bentgo is a highly recognizable brand. Shopping on Amazon is the easiest for me as an Amazon Prime Member. However, shopping directly from the Bentgo website gets you a discount for signing up to be an email subscriber and they offer free USA shipping for orders over $35 USD. If you are shopping in person at any of the above stores, you may be able to pick one up while you’re there, if they are in stock.

If you want to see the best lunch salad container in action, you’re in the right place! I just put together a new salad recipe and used the Bentgo All In One Salad Container to meal prep lunch.

“You’ve probably gathered by now that I have quite a sweet tooth. Instead of depriving myself of the sugar I so clearly love, I decided to make healthier choices. My Sweet Cranberry White Cheddar Apple Walnut Salad Recipe doesn’t disappoint!”

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Wishing you luck on your meal prepping journey and I can’t wait to hear how it goes, using the Bentgo Salad Container. If you remember, please visit this post and leave a comment down below. In the meantime, I’m going to go grab the already prepared lunch salad in my fridge and enjoy todays salad. Yum!

Have a great day!
xo, Bri

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