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My Favorite: Yummy Breakfast Toast Recipe With Sprouted Bread – Incredible!

Sometimes a girl needs something sugary sweet that's also healthy and not a donut. After experimenting a bit with Sprouted Grains Bread, I came up with the most delish recipe!


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My new breakfast toast recipe using sprouted bread is the bomb! Okay, so I have a serious sweet tooth and I’m not gonna deny it! I also typically only have coffee when I first wake, waiting to eat breakfast anywhere from an hour after waking to three hours. When it’s time for breakfast, I always choose a hearty, healthy grain, some fruit, a healthy fat and protein. 

This plant-based breakfast recipe is sweet, healthy and filling. It’s 280 calories and has an equal amount of healthy fats and protein. It’s damn good, too.

The BEST Sprouted Bread On Amazon

Let’s chat about sprouted grains bread real fast. I have a gluten intolerance and I LOVE bread. What’s a girl to do, other than drastically reduced my gluten intake? I have done just that and it’s made the biggest difference, but sometimes a girl just wants some freakin’ bread. Ya know?

I missed toast; a lot. So I set out to find an organic sprouted grains bread brand and try ’em out! Hands down, Silver Hills Sprouted Power Organic Grains Bread is my favorite!

My family of 6 has made it’s way through four of the five loaves of bread that came in the multi-pack I ordered through Amazon. Not only do I love their branding, but I love the nutritional elements and ingredients. I don’t know about you, but I’m over the crappy, unhealthy foods. 

This variety pack (which is the best way to try out different varieties from a single brand / company in my opinion) includes: 

  • Mack’s Flax
  • The Big 16
  • Little Big Bread
  • Steady Eddy
  • Squirrelly

For this recipe I used Mack’s Flax! So let’s talk about that loaf only, for now. More incredible, healthy recipes using this list of bread to come. 

Mack's Flax Organic, Low-Fat Sprouted Grains Bread

Here are the reasons why I chose this brand over the others that hang out on Amazon these days.

  • It’s a Plant-Based bread and is non-GMO. The ingredients list is simple! 
  • 1 Slice of Mack’s Flax bread has 1g of sugar. It also has a high-fiber amount (5g). Whoop!
  • The brand claims to use a “unique sprouting process that makes nutrients more readily available and easy to digest.” I believe them because I have a gluten-intolerance and even though this bread is NOT GF, it did NOT hurt my tummy, like other breads do.
  • 1 slice of Mack’s Flax has 5g of protein and 1.5g of fat. What, what!
  • Really cute branding! ha! I do own a Brand Strategy & Design Agency, so don’t hold this against me. I’m naturally drawn to GREAT branding.

Breakfast Toast Recipe With Sprouted Bread (Video)

plant based for beginners breakfast toast recipe with sprouted bread
Play Video about breakfast toast recipe with sprouted bread

Side note: Short and sweet videos are the total rage right now and are fun to put together. I like to highlight the food, recipe or meal created in real life vs only in photograph. Same goes for great products, which I’ll be doing a new Amazon kitchen-related haul soon. 

I’m currently renovating my entire house and my kitchen isn’t available for cooking videos. I can’t wait for that day. But for now, these highlight videos will just have to do. Thank you for watching!

Are Sprouted Grains Healthier Than Whole Grains?

Before I decided to purchase this multi-pack of sprouted grains bread on Amazon, I found myself wondering if the actual nutritional values were better than whole grains, which tend to hurt my tummy sometimes. 

What I found is that a sprouted grain is quite literally a whole grain that has started to “sprout” and has the same nutritional value as a whole grain. However, the germinating process is what makes the difference. 

“This germinating process breaks down some of the starch, which makes the percentage of nutrients higher. It also breaks down phytate, a form of phytic acid that normally decreases absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. Sprouted grains also may be easier to digest than regular grains.” 

P.S. Sprouted Grains Bread should be refrigerated or frozen! The variety pack I ordered did come frozen, so I popped them right into the freezer.

Sprouted Grains bread is healthy and convenient for this busy mama of four! Plus my freezer is full of incredible healthy foods now (with the addition of Daily Harvest)

Is Sprouted Grain Bread Worth It?

Hands down, YES! I have just one last loaf in my freezer and truly have been so happy with each of the varieties I ordered in the value pack. I did make some notes on which loaves I liked the taste and texture of, better than the others, so that I could decide on whether to get another variety pack or invest in several loaves of one combo. To me, it’s worth the price having healthy bread that tastes amazing and that’s convenient to store.

I honestly love this stuff and LOVE that it hangs out in my freezer, until I’m ready to eat it. I do both – grab a couple of slices at a time to thaw out and an entire loaf at once. It only takes a few hours to completely thaw a single loaf at room temperature, so I’ll grab a loaf in the morning when I wake (at 4 am) and it’s ready in time for me to eat breakfast. Easy peasy!

I really like simplicity over here y’all. 

Is Sprouted Bread Gluten-Free?

It is not! So if you battle celiac disease, steer clear of the sprouted grains breads.

I have a gluten-intolerance, so this bread has (so far) been a great option for me personally. I have found that it doesn’t hurt my tummy after eating it, like regular breads do. Which is relieving in more ways than one.

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