Chia Seed Pudding Snack Recipe With Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Powder

Healthy Chia Seed Pudding Snack Recipe With Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Powder Plus 3 Topping Ideas

A Chia Seed Protein Pudding made with Coconut Milk and Vegan Gluten Free Organic Vanilla Protein Powder. 3 Topping Ideas Included!


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Okay, I get it. This Chia Seed Pudding Snack Recipe With Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Powder doesn’t look the greatest in the above image, BUT hear me out. It’s absolutely delicious and its freaking healthy! If my four year old, who is crazy picky with the texture of his food LOVES this pudding, then you should give it a try. 

This recipe is made with a Vegan Protein Powder that is organic, gluten-free, 20g of protein per scoop serving, is paleo diet approved and doesn’t taste like chalk.

C’mon; You know you wanna try this recipe.

Why I Make Chia Seed Pudding Snack Recipe With Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Powder With Coconut Milk

Sure, you can use almond milk, dairy milk, rice milk, oat milk or in my case, unsweetened coconut milk for this recipe. All of the above will work just fine, but each will have a different taste and a different texture. I choose unsweetened coconut milk every single time because it’s naturally thick, naturally sweet and has a pretty smooth texture. 

Coconut milk is quite tasty on its own, no added sugar needed! It’s nutritious and pretty darn versatile, too. If you’re an avid DIY-er, you could even make your own coconut milk at home. 

You can also find it on amazon, or at any supermarket and health-food grocery stores, pretty easily. I find myself grabbing three cans every time I go to the store, because I use it for so many of my recipes. YES, of course I’ll be sharing those with you soon.

Other than the above reasons, I mostly grab coconut milk because it doesn’t hurt my tummy like dairy milk does. Yes, I have an intolerance to dairy. So if you also suffer immeasurable pain whenever you consume large amounts of dairy, this recipe is definitely for you!

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Ninja Countertop Blender For Smoothies & Frozen Fruit

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My thoughts: I’m truly happy with this little countertop beast of a blender. It’s not the first Ninja I’ve owned throughout the years and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I definitely go to the Ninja line of products first, when I’m looking for something specific. 

I’m on a weight-loss and healthy living journey and that means LOTS of healthy drinks. I’m a mama of four and have been an entrepreneur for gosh, 16 years now. I’m always rushing around and sometimes forget to stop and eat. Shakes, Puddings, Smoothies and even homemade popsicles get made with this blender, often. Needless to say, I love it!

Chia Seed Protein Pudding With Strawberry And Banana

High Protein Organic Plant-Based Powder Is A Must-Have Pantry Item

I’ve been on the hunt for a paleo diet approved protein powder for some time. I stumbled upon the Garden Of Life brand and decided to give it a try. It’s Plant-Based, Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and has a whopping 20 grams of protein per scoop serving! I also love that they promote pesticide-free, non-toxicity and is an NSF Certified, Non-GMO product. 

The cherry on top for me? This high protein vanilla protein powder has 0 grams of sugar and only 2 grams of carbs per scoop serving.  I actually wondered if it was too good to be true and if this powder would taste like chalk. Ha! It does not, by the way.

A Low Calorie, High Protein, Medium Carb Snack

Looking for a low-calorie, high protein snack idea? I’ve got you covered! Coming in at approximately 190 calories, this is a winner in my book. You’ll also find 7g of protein per serving.  I’m not exactly a fan of labeling my eating habits, however, I do like using them to help others easily identify with the types of foods I primarily eat, during this very complicated and very long journey to optimal health and well-being. My body thrives when I’m carb cycling, limiting my dairy intake, completely gluten-free and limiting grains and starches unless it’s a higher carb time. For me, this protein pudding has become a staple for the days where I’m looking for meals that are healthy, but have higher natural carbs (vs something strictly low carb). This yummy snack comes in at 10g Net Carbs.

Adding Xanthan Gum To The Pudding Base

Shh. I have a secret weapon for all of the meals I make that I want to be a tiny bit thicker, without adding calories or sugar or anything else really. Xanthan gum. It’s THE go-to thickening agent that is taste-less and only requires a TINY amount to be effective. It’s incredible. And yes, it’s optional. You don’t need to add this to your pudding if you don’t have it or don’t want a thicker pudding consistency. But if you DO like thicker shakes, puddings or baked items, be sure to get this food item into your pantry ASAP. 

How Long Does Chia Seed Pudding Last In The Fridge?

One small mason jar serving can last up to four days in the refrigerator! In my house though, these only last a day.

I do let my chia seeds soak into the base mix for at least 3 hours before eating. The longer they soak, the better!

Truly, this is an ideal make-ahead healthy recipe.

Chia Seeds Are High In Fiber

I love using chia in my recipes whenever possible. It’s packed with fiber which helps keep you full and satisfied, so this healthy snack is perfect for busy bodies. It’s also a fantastic way to meal-prep for the week ahead, hide healthiness in a picky child’s meals and can easily be switched-up depending on your mood, with toppings.

Speaking of toppings, I’ve included THREE strawberry-based topping ideas that you will LOVE.

My Chia Seed Pudding Snack Recipe With Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Powder base recipe is perfect for busy moms and professionals alike, who are looking for a healthy, quick, delicious snack breakfast or even lunch!

plant-based for beginners

Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding 3 Ways

High Protein Breakfast Idea With Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding, Strawberries And Walnuts

High Protein Breakfast Idea With Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding, Strawberries And Walnuts

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Chia Seed Protein Pudding With Strawberry And Banana

Chia And Strawberry & Banana

Probably the most popular topping in my home! It's quite possibly THE most popular fruit pairing of all time. This 300 Calorie snack uses healthy ingredients and is packed with fiber. Chia seeds have many beneficial health properties. Find out more about Chia Seeds on this post and to get this yummy snack recipe.

Chia With Strawberry & Dark Cacao Chunks

My personal favorite topping combo. It should really be listed as a dessert, it's so indulgent, but also healthy. Recipe and details coming soon to the blog.

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Chia Seed Pudding Snack Recipe With Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Powder

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