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3 Easy Ways To Find & Connect To Intuition

Everyone has an intuition, or an inner dialogue. Our intuition can have a profound effect on our every day, if we stop and give ourselves the space and quiet time, to listen.


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Develop a deepened relationship with yourself; Connect to intuition.

I’m going to be super honest with you – it took me YEARS to find and connect to my intuition. 

At first, I started noticing little things. But then I took a class at The Ohio State University that inspired me so deeply, to my artsy core, that I knew I had to start meditating regularly.

When I did that, the door opened and I felt like I was walking into a whole new world.


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So, How Do You Recognize Intuition?

It’s that little, quiet voice inside our bodies that tells us things. Being in tune to intuition can be life-changing. I know it’s helped me out a time or two or a million.


Sometimes that little voice is SO quiet, our intuition is overlooked completely. It’s also the presence we need to help us make a decision or guide us towards taking a new path or direction so it’s incredibly important to recognize intuition in its various forms and practice finding it, in order to listen.


Sometimes our intuition isn’t a voice. Sometimes it’s an overwhelming feeling that causes us to get goosebumps or another physical reaction. Pretty cool, right?

What Does It Mean To Connect To Intuition?

It’s basically being super in tune, in sync, in rhythm with your inner self. Connecting to your intuition can have a profound effect on your every day, if you stop and give yourself the space and quiet time, to listen. 

It’s not exactly EASY to practice all the time, but the more calm you are, the easier it becomes to identify when your intuition is trying to tell you something.


Our intuition also usually shows up when we are seeking out lifestyle changes and are teetering back and forth on what to do or how to do it. A lot of people tend to ignore their intuition in this scenario, because they have let their head take over and have created self-doubt as a result.

ONE - Connect To Intuition Through Mindfulness Meditation

Perhaps the most widely-known way to connect to intuition is through meditation.  There are several types of meditation practices, however, the one I personally love the most is Mindfulness Meditation.


Mindfulness Meditation is something you can practice practically anywhere, at any time. You’re simply calming your body, your breath and your presence in order to take in your surroundings and be in tune with them and yourself.


I practice this style of meditation every single morning, starting with a hot cup of coffee, my blank journal/pen and my chosen way to connect to the Creator of my universe that day. I listen to my intuition, write down what she says and then let a divine connection to my higher power, guide my day. It’s incredible.



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TWO - Connect To Intuition By Embracing A "No Electronics" Day

Our cell phones have truly become an extension of our physical self and checking our phones often, has become second nature. I don’t know about you, but it’s exhausting to my overwhelmed brain some days.


Definitely take a little time to plan out your “No Electronics” Day and be sure to share this day with your closest loved ones who may worry if you don’t immediately answer their calls or text messages. You’ll also want to plan some activities for yourself to participate in.


When this day comes, turn your cell phone off, put it in a safe place and enjoy your day.


You may be surprised at just how much time you have to do more of what you love, when you’re not constantly distracted. And better yet, you may find that tiny inner voice of yours is quite loud.

THREE - Connect To Intuition By Journaling

I’m pretty “old-school” when it comes to a lot of things. My favorite thing to do is write handwritten notes, letters and messages. I love doodling. The simple act of placing pen to paper thrills me and sparks joy within my soul. In order to feel more of these incredible, high-vibrations, I keep a journal.


I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’m a bit of a journal junkie. I love them.


Journaling is a great self-love and self-reflection practice, when you are intentional. I love blank journals because they allow my mind to be free and open to all intuitive messages.


If the thought of a blank journal sitting in front of you seems overwhelming, definitely take a peek at this prompt journal. It’s an incredible way to start the practice of journaling in order to connect with your intuition.


If you’re a blank art journal kinda girl, like me, I have this set and I’m obsessed. I use them daily.

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How To Connect More Deeply To Your Intuition?

In order to connect to intuition on a deeper level, we must first give ourselves the space and quiet time to reflect on the situation at hand.

Your intuition is always there for you, whether you hear it or not. Sometimes it likes to whisper and sometimes it screams so loudly, you cannot deny the message. Your intuition is also ready for you to connect. It just needs your full attention, patience and care. 

Meditation, Intentional Time-Outs and Journaling are three fantastic ways to get started. There are SO many other ways to connect more deeply to your intuition, but I personally feel like it takes a lot of patience and a lot of practice. 

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Ready To give it a try?

Thank you for reading this post! I hope that you find your way to a deeper, more meaningful connection to your intuition, soon. It's quite amazing, really!

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