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Inexpensive Corner Wood Burning Stove Makeover Idea: Fireplace DIY

Living in a house with children, knowing that it is one big renovation project, is tough. My solution? Find inexpensive ways to LIVE in the house until we are able to turn it into a home.


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Small projects around the home can make such a huge difference, especially if you are living in a house that needs updated!

A corner wood burning stove makeover idea for my corner fireplace was first to come to mind. 

And wow, what a difference in looks and with my state of mind. Here’s my corner fireplace DIY refresh project details. I hope it inspires you to refresh a little corner in your home, too.


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A Corner Wood Burning Stove Makeover Idea

Corner fireplaces can be so beautiful or so awkward.

The Quirky Cape Cod corner wood burning stove fireplace is definitely a bit awkward. And the stove itself is in terrible condition, with the front right leg (looking at it straight-on), rusting completely through. 

If you look close enough, you can see it in the images below.

I remember reading the home inspection report, as we were in the process of buying this house. 

I didn’t really take a good look at the stove during our tour, as I was too busy making sure my autistic son wasn’t touching or breaking the then owners belongings. 

Which was exhausting, by the way.

Regardless, I pretty much overlooked it and was a little shocked to read that the area wasn’t legally adhering to building codes. 

Upon a closer look, I could see where the carpet was burnt from flying sparks. Awesome.

My point? This beast has to GO eventually, but for now I decided on a refresh, DIY style.

corner wood stove fireplace before image corner wood stove fireplace after image

Corner Wood Stove Fireplace Before And After

Paint Is The BEST and Cheapest DIY Update

The entire cape cod was many shades of brown. I love using a bright white paint color for instant gratification. It just feels so fresh and bright to me. 

I used KILZ because the fireplace also smelled a little funny to me. I love KILZ paint and use it as my base + primer ALWAYS. 

I also love creating a blank canvas whenever possible when it comes to an interior design project. Sitting in a blank white box for a bit helps me to creatively imagine all types of design possibilities.

I didn’t hesitate to paint this fireplace white, especially because I knew I had to live with it for a few years, while I waited patiently to be able to do the full house renovation and addition.

Which is less than a year away, as I write this. YAY!

Corner Fireplace DIY Wood Slats

I used 30, 1×4 pine boards, glued and then nail-gunned to the wall for the wood accent wall above the stone.

I spaced the boards out ever so slightly, but didn’t care if they were perfect, which totally made this space and my vision come to life!

Knowing that this refresh of the corner fireplace was a temporary thing, as the entire thing will be coming out of the house during the final renovation and design, made my decision to update it for the in-between super easy.

The ceilings in this house are a MESS. I decided to live with them as-is. The texture is so thick and rough that painting would have been a waste of money. 

The ceilings will all be getting the VIP treatment after demolition is finished during the full renovation and addition.

I also updated the walls with white beadboard panels from Home Depot. With 48 x 96 in sheets for less than $30, I knew I could grab a handful and completely transform this space.

the northridge project BBA Studios Image of wood burning fireplace surrounded by lots of houseplants

What You'll Need For This DIY Project:

This Corner Fireplace DIY Refresh Total Cost

My budget for this DIY project (with a purpose of enjoying where we live even though just temporary, while we wait for the real renovation to begin) was $200. 

I already had all of the power tools so I needed to buy the wood, panel boards, caulk, liquid nails and painters tape. Taxes included, I spent $186.45 for this entire refresh project. 

DIY Project Notes

I used my cordless circular saw to make cuts for the wood used above the fireplace and attached them to the wall using both liquid nails and brad nails. 

I used liquid nails for all the panel boards and very carefully cut the boards using my jig saw. I feel lucky to have a steady, illustration artist hand so I found it easy to cut these long boards.

I did ALL the cuts myself. I took the time to learn how to use power tools and jumped right in! I quickly discovered a love for DIY and found this project extremely therapeutic and satisfying. 

My point? Don’t wait for someone else to help you make changes to your home. You should totally go for it!

Making A Temporary Space In Your Home Beautiful

Living in a home that needs a full renovation (seriously) is tough, but add four kiddos, one with special needs into the mix, and the entire situation can be somewhat of a nightmare. 

The house doesn’t work for us as it currently stands.

My solution? Make each space beautiful, fresh and cozy while we wait for the real renovation and interior design plans to begin.

For my family of 6, this meant living in this quirky cape cod for 3 full years. That’s a very long time to sit with a home that didn’t bring us joy and that was so damn brown and depressing. 

Why not spend a little money to refresh some spaces to feel more like a cozy home and embrace the house as-is, while we live here?

I don’t like throwing money away, so knowing that refinishing all the ceilings (scraping them down and fixing any water damage) would be a HUGE undertaking, so I decided to keep them as-is.

It’s tough to look at them sometimes, but at the end of the day, I know I’ll have beautiful ceilings soon. Ya know? 

Also, in this particular location of the house, the ceiling will need replaced, as this fireplace will be coming out completely.  

See the double window, just to the left side of the wood stove?  This will be the location of my new front door! EEkkkk!!

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Final Thoughts

Bottom line: love where you live, no matter what your circumstances may be. Find inexpensive ways to refresh a space or in this case, a little corner of the room. It's not a lot, but it can (and does) bring so much joy!

I'd love to be email friends and stay in touch! Next DIY refresh project is the entire front room (where this fireplace is located). It's quite the transformation!

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Corner Wood Burning Stove Makeover Idea: Fireplace DIY Blog post Featured Image

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