Easy Salad With Shredded Chicken Recipe

Only 400 Calories with ranch dressing, this easy to make salad topped with shredded chicken is a popular choice for lunch or dinner.


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My husband has been enjoying all of the salads I’ve been making for dinner. He eats a fair amount of dairy, although has recently agreed to start transitioning to more plant-based alternatives in lieu of his current go-to’s, like sour cream and cow’s milk. I’m wearing him down, y’all! This salad topped with shredded chicken and without tomato, was his request. I hope you enjoy it, too.

This easy to make salad topped with shredded chicken is a popular choice for lunch or dinner. Coming in at 400 calories with ranch dressing, it’s keto-approved and is a great plant-based diet option for those who enjoy dairy food products. 

Simple House Salad With Chicken Recipe

A house salad is usually made with fresh greens, tomato and red onion, topped with crunchy croutons and sometimes shredded. cheese and hard-boiled egg. When someone mentions a house salad, I immediately think about sitting down at a restaurant and ordering that for my first course. For this particular salad recipe, I decided to take inspiration from a traditional, simple house salad and turn it into a more filling and healthy lunch or dinner salad. Adding chicken breast to the top of your bed of greens is one of the best ways to do this! 

Dutch Oven Chicken Breast Is Easy To Shred

Using a dutch oven to make chicken breast in bulk is one of my favorite time-saving things to do. It is incredibly easy to shred while it’s hot or cold, making it a simple protein source for this busy mom of four. Dutch Oven chicken breast is also GREAT for meal prepping for the week ahead.

Shredded Chicken is a favorite to place on top of fresh mixed green lettuce and is my go-to-protein for my own salads. Herbs, oils and other various dried seasonings can help to change the flavor of the chicken while it is cooking, making it a top choice for many plant-based meals, not just leafy green based salads.

Want to know how I make chicken breast in a dutch oven?  Visit this recipe.

In A Rush? Try This Cooked Chicken Dinner Hack

Rotisserie chicken that is freshly made from your local market or grocery store is an incredible, healthier than fast food choices, dinner hack. Instead of going through a drive-thru window to order a calorie-heavy chicken sandwich, swing by the store instead and visit the bakery’s meat and deli section. A lot of stores and even wholesale brands like Costco, will have freshly made whole roasted chickens! Hot, damn! Bring that cooked bird home and depending on your family size, you can get one to four meals out of one chicken. 

Watch This Salad Topped With Shredded Chicken Breast Come To Life

Are You Into The Ketogenic Diet And Looking For Salads To Eat?

I do not follow the keto diet eating concepts any longer, but a lot of the plant-based meals I make for this food blog are keto-friendly options. When you’re on the keto diet you’re weighing your food and watching your macros. Typically you’ll consume lower carbohydrates and higher amounts of healthy fats and proteins. This salad with shredded chicken recipe is a fantastic keto-option, coming in at 400 calories, 6g of net carbs (7g of carbohydrates total), 38g of protein and 21g of healthy fat. Definitely add this one to your meal menu this week! You may also really like this keto-friendly breakfast meal idea I recently published. YUM!


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I love a good pasta bowl and these by Dowan are very loved in my family of six. We use these for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. I’m obsessed with them for my salads! I should actually order another set, now that I’m thinking about it. 

Looking For Another Salad Recipe With Chicken?

I just published this salad topped with sliced chicken breast. It’s slightly higher in calories, but is still a super healthy dinner meal option. And it’s absolutely delicious.

What Is The Easiest Way To Shred Chicken?

Don’t laugh at me, but I’m a simple girl and just use two forks to shred chicken breast. Now, before you go judging me hard over there, I don’t typically shred a bunch of chicken all at once, unless I’m making a larger meal for my family of six. If that’s the case, I’ll grab this hand blender and shred all the chicken easily and quickly while it’s still in my dutch oven

I use forks to shred my chicken, in small amounts, because I prefer to store leftover chicken in the refrigerator in individual chunks. I tend to change my mind often, depending on my mood. Sometimes meal prepping with chicken ends up being a huge fail and I end up wasting perfectly good chicken because of it. 

I found that if I store the chicken in smaller, individual, whole pieces I can shred it if I need or want to later on. I can easily change my mind in that moment. Reheating a chunk and eating it as-is with freshly steamed veggies might sound good. Or perhaps I will slice it into longer pieces to make chicken tacos (recipe coming soon, don’t worry). You get the idea, I’m sure. My ADHD brain prefers it when I seemingly have options, verses being stuck in a “no decision to be made here” way of thinking. 

This is ridiculous, but it works for me so I’m going with it, ok?

Planning To Make This Easy Salad With Shredded Chicken Recipe?

I truly hope you enjoy this recipe if you decide to make it. Please hop into the comments afterwards to tell me what you think! Keeping the leafy green salads light and simplistic is how I put them together ninety percent of the time. Easy recipes that are also healthy? Yes, please! Chat with you in the next recipe, friend. Have a great day!

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