5 Flat Lay Outfits From Amazon. Fall Winter Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Image Collage of outfits and color blocks

5 Flat Lay Outfits From Amazon: Fall Winter Fashion Capsule Wardrobe

I tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy. Spoiler alert: I LOVED all 6 items I ordered and kept them. I was able to get 5 different neutral outfits from 6 items, perfect for Fall And Winter Seasons.


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I recently tried Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe, Try Before You Buy Service and was pleasantly surprised! I went into this wanting to build a Fall Winter Fashion Capsule Wardrobe and had a few weeks of cold weather left here in Ohio. 

I loved all 6 items and created 5 different outfits / looks total. Today I’ll be sharing five flat lay outfits from Amazon that I carefully curated for the start of a capsule wardrobe.


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Ok, so What's A Capsule Wardrobe Exactly?

I’ve been super into this concept for awhile now, but have never really made it a priority until now. I see the benefits of having less items in my closet, only for the season(s) I am in or in between and either donating at the end of the season or packing them up carefully and saving them for the next season ahead.

Especially because a capsule wardrobe that’s made up of neutral, timeless pieces can work out really well!

A capsule wardrobe is a minimal collection of stylish, versatile pieces that can be worn in a variety of combinations. Designed to save time, money, and stress even; Timeless pieces can be worn for MANY years to come and be easily swapped as the seasons change.

fall winter capsule wardrobe ideas from amazon

I went for classic, comfy and cute for these 6 items ordered with the Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy program. I also wanted to challenge myself to put together as many outfits from these 6 items as possible, as a way to practice the art of creating a capsule wardrobe that I’ll be able to pack away at season’s end and wear again next year!

Flat Lay No.01

flat lay outfits from amazon tiger striped long sweater that is brown and black, layered with blue jeans, a black circle purse, a plain black tee and black rain boots

Flat Lay No.02

Flat Lay Outfits From Amazon Red Flannel Button-up long sleeve, blue jeans, black rain boots, wool socks and a classic plain black tee

Flat Lay No.03

flat lay outfits from amazon of plain white tee, blue jeans and black rain boots

Flat Lay No.04

amazon fashion haul as a woman in her 40s flatlay of a brown sweater, pair of blue jeans, black rain boots and a circular black purse

Flat Lay No.05

flat lay outfits from amazon of a plain black sweatshirt, blue jeans, a brown hobo purse and black rain boots

10 ways to get started creating a fall and winter capsule wardrobe as a beginner

Here are some things I’ve come up with for other beginners like me. I hope this helps you get started!

  1. Research trends if that’s important to you. Research the latest trends in both fall and winter fashion. Pinterest to the rescue here! Anyway, a little research will help you decide which pieces fit best with your style.
  2. Make a list.  Make a list of the BASIC items that you need to build a capsule wardrobe. I decided that quality plain tees, a thinner sweater, a comfy sweatshirt, a red flannel shirt and incredible pair of jeans would all be things I’d want to wear next season, too.
  3. Focus on quality. I didn’t have a large budget. In fact my box total cost was $145 with tax. But I did make sure to choose quality items that would last me this season, next and hopefully another year after that!
  4. Choose neutral colors. I know that neutral can be a bit boring, but hear me out. Sticking to neutral colors like black, white, brown, grey, and navy will help you create many outfits from minimal items. PLUS you can always buy a few extra in-season items that are full of color or pattern to really spice things up!
  5. Invest in basics. Sweaters, jeans, jackets, cardigans and blazers are easy to mix and match AND they are just fashion staples, regardless of trends (in my humble opinion).
  6. Layer it up, girl! Layering is the secret to creating a successful capsule wardrobe that you won’t get sick of before the next season even starts. Try layering items to create unique looks and don’t be afraid to play with accessories here. That’s the fun part!
  7. Speaking of…add a few accessories. Accessories are a great way to add personality to your outfit. Hats, beanies, jewelry, belts, and cute scarves can totally spice up your look.
  8. On a budget? Shop secondhand! Some of my absolute FAVORITE items that lasted me years were practically brand new at the thrift store. Here’s a tip for you, if you’re into luxury brands; Shop thrifted stores in fancy neighborhoods.
  9. Invest in quality shoes, my friend. A good pair of rain boots (I love the ones I ordered because they don’t really LOOK like rain boots at first glance), sneakers and fashion boots can really pull an outfit together. Try to find a pair or two that can be worn with multiple outfits.
  10. Finally, have fun creating a wardrobe that brings you JOY! Don’t forget to have fun while creating your capsule wardrobe. Experiment with different styles and pieces to find the looks that make you feel confident, sexy, cool and shows off all those positive vibes ya got going on over there.  

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Shop My Fall Winter Fashion Flat Lay Outfits From Amazon

Click on the pink tabs to see one item at a time and then click on the product image to see specific item details on Amazon. xo

Lightweight Crewneck Sweater in the color brown image
Amazon Essentials Lightweight Crewneck Sweater In Brown (Large)
Button Up Flannel Shirt
Legendary Whitetails Women's Cottage Escape Flannel Shirt In Forest Plaid (Large)
waterproof rain bootie boot in black image
Chooka Women's Waterproof Plush Chelsea Bootie Boot (Size 8, Black)
Classic-Fit Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt Black and White Image
Amazon Essentials Women's Classic-Fit Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt, Pack of 2 (Medium)
EcoSmart Fleece Women's Pullover Sweatshirt in Black Image
Hanes Women's Crewneck Sweatshirt, EcoSmart Fleece Women's Pullover Sweatshirt in Ebony (Large)
skinny pull on shaping jean image
Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans In Harmony (Size 14 Medium)

Save These Flat Lay Outfits From Amazon For Later

5 Flat Lay Outfits From Amazon: Fall Winter Fashion Capsule Wardrobe pin collage image of 5 outfits

Did you know – By pinning your favorite Flat Lay Outfits to your favorite Pinterest Board, you’re helping Girl Planted reach new eyes. I really appreciate this kind gesture that takes just a few moments of your time and would give you a virtual hug if I could!

Final Thoughts

You've gotta try this for yourself if you have been considering creating a capsule wardrobe. I'm so happy I did! I'll get to enjoy these items for another 4-5 weeks before I carefully pack them away for the next Fall And Winter Season here in Ohio.

In the meantime, I can't wait to do my research and choose a handful of new items for the upcoming Spring season!

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