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GP Readers LOVE knowing if they can use individual instant oatmeal packets to make overnight oats. The answer is YES! I actually make oats daily and am obsessed. They are my favorite edible plant.


Hands-down my FAVORITE set of plates. I'm such a huge fan and highly recommend these beauties. I use them daily and have had them for over 6 months. Love, love, LOVE them!


Embrace your beauty from the inside out. I didn't always do this; In fact I used to struggle to show up for myself. But not anymore. This is me. I'm 40. And I'm enough. So are you, friend.

Currently: Getting Happy, Healthy And Fit One Day At A Time

It’s really scary putting yourself out there and being vulnerable with anyone who stumbles upon your diary entry. It’s even scarier being honest with yourself and giving yourself the time, love, care, patience and energy you deserve. I’m 40 and I’m just now giving myself this time. Join me for brunch, will ya?

The Sandalwood Project

Bri is a creative DIY’er who LOVES power tools and turning a plain jane house into a warm, cozy, home with tons of character! Follow along as she works on her first investment property; The Sandalwood Project in Springfield, Ohio

This sad little cape cod deserves a lot of love! It’s a bit odd and quirky with it’s layout, but with a little creativity, a whole lot of love and some incredibly functional, thought-out spaces this house will bloom into a one-of-a-kind family home. Sitting on one acre, this is a gem of a property. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

A Plant-Based Diet

Around here, plant based means MOST of the foods we eat are from plant sources. They grow on a tree, a vine, in the ground, etc. These foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes and beans. Oils are included, too!

Plant-based also means that if the foodie wants to, they can incorporate smaller amounts of animal products, like meat, fish, seafood, eggs and even dairy. I actually recommend this style of eating to anyone who doesn’t have strict dietary needs. 

It’s always best to consult a doctor for specific dietary wants and needs. I’m just a mama of four on a mission to show herself some TLC and makin’ delish plant-based recipes and meals.

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By Bri Alli

A collection made for people who REALLY love plants by a person who is a self-proclaimed Plant Weirdo™️. This handmade and designed with love line-up includes: Adorable Clay Plant Friends, Keychains, Tees And Tanks. Embrace your inner weirdo right here; You’re in great company!


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