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Red Grape Walnut Salad With Goat Cheese – Delicious Healthy Salad Recipe

YUM! A healthy salad recipe that isn't boring and tastes amazing? Try the sweet red grape walnut salad with goat cheese. Especially if you have a major sweet tooth!


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This grape walnut salad makes it very clear that I have a sweet tooth. It’s pretty out-of-hand, really. As I navigate this get healthy journey and by committing to a plant-based diet, I’ve made a little headway with the sweets.

I still tend to make a sweeter salad more times than not. And you know, that’s totally ok! I’m choosing organic, healthy, nutritious foods over processed and unhealthy ones. That’s a WIN!

If you are on a healthy lifestyle journey and are struggling with sweets, give this red grape, walnut and goat cheese salad a try. You may just find yourself easily replacing those processed and unhealthy sweets more and more!

A Green Salad With Goat Cheese?

Goat cheese may not be the first ingredient you think of adding to a leafy greens salad, but let me just tell you – if you’ve added a sweet element, a fruit or even a sweeter vinaigrette dressing – goat cheese is the PERFECT ingredient.

The slightly tart and a bit tangy taste of goat cheese pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the red grapes. Add the earthiness of the walnut and you’ve got yourself one delicious bite!

Being in front of the camera is always nerve wracking for me, but a big part of my getting healthy journey is embracing who I am, as I am right now. What better way to do that than to jump in front of the camera and give this delicious salad a try?

If you’re not already following along on YouTube, I’d love to connect with you there. I’m in the process of turning it into a lifestyle, storytelling series, with many adventures to come.

A Salad With Goat Cheese And Walnuts

This salad recipe keeps these two ingredients a bit larger in size. But if you wanted to, you could chop the walnuts, break the cheese up into smaller pieces and you could even slice the grapes a few extra timesSpreading the ingredients out a bit more will also even out your bites.

Sometimes I’m so hungry that I just toss my ingredients on top of my bed of leafy greens and dig right on in!

This salad is absolutely delicious by the way.

You’ve probably gathered by now that I have quite a sweet tooth. I can’t help it, ok?

Instead of depriving myself of the sugar I so clearly love, I decided to make healthier choices. One of the ways I do this is with my lunch salads.

Finding new ways to indulge in a sweeter salad has been super fun and my Sweet Cranberry White Cheddar Apple Walnut Salad Recipe doesn’t disappoint!

Goat Cheese In Salad Topping Ideas

There are definitely some great salad topping ideas that will go well with goat cheese. Here are a few on my list to try next!

  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Arugula
  • Red Apple
  • Green Apple
  • Cranberries
  • Strawberries

Salad Dressing For Red Grape Walnut Salad With Goat Cheese

grape walnut salad with goat cheese recipe

If my salad has a sweet ingredient, like the red grape in this particular salad, I’ll always reach for a sweet vinaigrette. I only had this one on hand, but will be replacing it and other dressings with this brand in the very near future. 

I’m slowly replacing my current food stash with healthier, organic and simple ingredient options as I’m on a get-healthy-journey over here. Baby steps – one at a time.

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grape walnut salad with goat cheese

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Tell Me, Are You Into Sweeter Salads?

If you are, we would definitely get along. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and crave very basic, simplistic, plain salads and even eat leafy green salads without dressing. I don’t always have this sweet tooth of mine, but when I’m really craving the sugar, I now reach for a fruit instead of that sugary brownie. I’ll take a sweet salad over a processed sugar ANY day.

Have a beautiful day ahead and be sure to grab my FREE plant-based for beginners ultimate food guide before you leave. Save it to your phone as you can access it anytime and create grocery lists ahead of time or pull it up if you do a last-minute grocery run and can’t remember what to get. It definitely saves me when I’m in a “don’t know what to eat” rut.

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