Happy Birthday, Girl Planted! 1 Year Blogging Post Image of Homemade Donuts and freshly picked lilac flowers on a wooden cutting board

Happy Birthday, Girl Planted! 1 Year Blogging

Thanks for joining me for our first official BRUNCH! Girl Planted has officially entered its second year of life and I couldn’t be more excited for this upcoming year.


Girl Planted By Bri Alli Is All About Embracing Cozy Intentionalism To Create The Home, Life + Personal Brand You Love

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Happy Birthday, Girl Planted! 1 Year Blogging…Celebrated.

Now that I’m in my 40s, I have found my lifestyle wants, desires, needs and priorities to be a lot different than the past two decades. The NEW GirlPlanted.com is a direct reflection of that.


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Strategic Blogging Website Design Refresh

I started Girl Planted as a niche-topic blog. I decided that I’d build up a series of articles and a ton of original recipes around “Plant Based For Beginners“. I was, after all, a beginner to a plant-based way of eating and felt going niche was a great strategy.

After a year, I decided to micro niche or highly specific topic based around the articles that were bringing in most of my organic search engine traffic; Instant Oatmeal Packets Overnight Oats Recipe.

The problem here was that even though I love oats and the subject is weirdly full of possibilities (I’m still going after this btw), I got bored FAST. That’s not okay.

Then came my 4 month long break, thanks to Covid hitting our family 6 dominoes style. I also took on two website design clients, wrote three books and designed my first product.

I’m grateful for the break, my clients and opportunity to breathe. It was then that I ultimately decided to start from scratch, build a brand in 7 days and take Girl Planted in a new direction; Lifestyle Website.

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1 Year Blogging Milestone Reached. What's Next?

Going full-time and going “all-in” with my blogging business was an exciting, yet terrifying decision. It was a wild first year for me.

After lots of soul-searching and experimenting for confirmation on what it is I actually want for my life…I made the decision to live with intention, unapologetically.

Basically, it was the BEST decision because my growth potential is HUGE. I also decided to work backwards.

I’ll be writing a future brunch email about this soon, as I feel it is the BEST way to make some decisions that actually stick for someone like me, who may change her mind a lot or bounce back and forth out of fear.

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Intentional Living

Freshly Squeezed Article

Easy Plant Based Recipe

Freshly Squeezed Article

1 Year Blogging Income Report

A Curated Collection

A curated collection of items I absolutely love and recommend. 

Year Two Plans

My entire business strategy and goals have changed significantly. I'll be writing a lot more for Girl Planted, developing several different types of income streams, creating a handful of incredible products I use myself and fully believe in.

I'll be sharing monthly stats, goals and money with (every three months) income reports. I'll also be sharing more business and brand strategy resources for FREE.

I feel it's so important to give valuable info as a specialist in this field and to also show that I'm doing the work, too.

Thanks for reading my 1 Year Blogging article and consider subscribing (scroll down)! I'd love to send you a hello every week and on special occasions. xo

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Happy Birthday, Girl Planted! 1 Year Blogging Post Image of Homemade Donuts and freshly picked lilac flowers on a wooden cutting board

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