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How To Figure Out WHO You’re Talking To As A Blogger – Target Audience – No.03

You found your vibe and voice in lesson one. You have come up with some solid ideas for creating content you actually love in lesson two. Now it's time figure out who your perfect person is!


Girl Planted By Bri Alli Is All About Embracing Cozy Intentionalism To Create The Home, Life + Personal Brand You Love

Knowing how to figure out WHO you’re talking to as a blogger aka your target audience aka who are you writing SEO powered articles for, is quite literally one of THE most important parts of the entire branding process.

I highly recommend spending quality time figuring our who your target audience is.

When I chat 1:1 with my brand coaching clients, I refer to a target audience as “you’re perfect person.”

Here’s my pro tip: If you just write to ONE person, every single time, chances are you’ll have a fairly large target audience of likeminded individuals, who would greatly benefit from your unique voice in this world.


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You're Perfect Person

Your perfect person, visitor, reader, viewer, customer, client, follower – you get it; WHO will you be talking to with your content? WHO are you entertaining, helping or connecting with? WHO actually is this person?

Along with brand clarity, knowing WHO your perfect person is, WHAT problem they need help solving and HOW you will uniquely solve that problem for them is VITAL to your blogging business success.
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My Personal Brand Should Be About ME, Right?

A lot of content creators go into building a personal brand with only themselves in mind.

YES, your personal brand should be about you, absolutely. But here’s the thing; To be successful in connecting emotionally and in order to build a profitable, authentic brand, you have to know who the hell you’re talking to and how you are helping that person.

The content you create should definitely be personal to you, but should be written in a way that authentically helps your reader, viewer, follower, etc. Think about it this way; when you’re reader is ON your blog post, they should feel like their need, want and desire is being met. 

Why did they click on your article in the search engine anyway? Because they thought you could help them solve something for them.

Is the content i'm creating helping my target audience?

When we create content, no matter WHAT content we create (or want to create), talking 1:1 with our perfect person, knowing the message we’re wanting to easily get across to them and knowing how that content will help them is just everything. Literally.

Girl Planted is a Lifestyle site so my perfect person changes, depending on the topic I’m writing about. I do have someone I’ve created in my mind that matches ALL my blogging topics, but I change the problem identifier to match the topic.

Let me share an example and essentially tell you my exact audience strategy for Girl Planted.

Jane, a Girl Planted Reader, is 40 years old like me. Her kids are older now and she’s ready to give herself more time, love, care and grace. She’s also excited to create a life she LOVES. 

When Jane visits a Get Bossy With Bri topic, she is wanting to make money doing something she’s passionate about, on her terms, but needs a little help getting started. 

When Jane visits the Food topic, she’s wanting EASY recipes and meal ideas to nourish her body and get back to a healthy way of eating.

When Jane visits the Fashion Topic, she is excited to become more minimalist with her clothing, in order to have more quality things. She would rather be out ENJOYING her life as a woman in her 40s.

And when Jane reads any Brunch With Bri articles, she is excited to personally connect with me as the author f this site and find more ways to give herself more time, love and energy.

Jane is the same person that I keep in mind for my entire website, but her wants, needs, desires and problems shift a bit depending on the article I’m writing. My goal, however, is ALWAYS the same.

I want Jane to feel welcomed here. I want her to feel a connection to me through my vibe and writing style. I want to help her with whatever she’s needing help with. Finally, I want her to subscribe and visit again, often, because the content I’m writing for her is exactly what she’s looking for.

How To Figure Out WHO You're Talking To As A Blogger

I’ve designed a worksheet for you and honestly, it’s really important! I want you to spend some time on this one. I want you to deep dive into this assignment and give it your full attention.

I also want you to NAME your person, so that you can easily keep them in mind every single time you brainstorm new ideas, sit down to work on content strategy, make a video, take a photo, speak out loud, write a caption, write an SEO powered blog post, put together an ad, etc.

I’ve named my perfect person Jane. She’s totally rad and my soul sister.

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To save this free (3 page) printable worksheet, just click on the image, save to your device and print out as many times as you need. 

Do you have Procreate or another PDF digital program on your phone or tablet? Save this file and open it in the program of your choice. Make a duplicate copy, then digitally write down all your ideas and save in one place.

Please note that I carry the copyright for this worksheet and you are allowed to utilize it for personal use only. You may not claim this as your own or copy any of the content. All rights reserved ©️ Bri Alli and


Lesson 01: What Is Branding Anyway?

It’s a beautiful day to build a brand from scratch, don’t you think?! If you are new to content creation as a legit job, are thinking about breaking into this industry, this FREE series may be what helps you officially get started. 

Lesson 02: Make Money Creating Content You Actually Love

It’s not you, it’s me is a traditional way of breaking up with someone, pre-internet days. I’m pretty sure it’s a line that is used still to this day amongst us 40-something folk. Ha! Regardless, it’s true for branding as well. Let me explain.

Save How To Figure Out WHO You're Talking To As A Blogger For Later

How To Figure Out WHO You're Talking To As A Blogger and Target Audience Post Image of a girl holding flowers and an ice cream cone, smiling

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Final Thoughts

I was having trouble connecting everything I loved doing or making as a content creator, with a common message, so nothing really made sense. I was just throwing content out there and seeing very little growth. Ultimately I lacked a strategy.

Once I found a way to connect all my passions with a common message that felt really damn good, that I could commit to AND be consistent with, my brand came together in a magical way. And I started making money with multiple, active income streams.

I truly believe the brand you dream up, build and launch should fill your soul with warm fuzzies and glitter. It should also be strategic and profitable.

Thank you for reading "How To Figure Out WHO You're Talking To As A Blogger" I'm right right cheering you on and would love to help in any way that I can. See you soon for lesson four in this seven part series! xo

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