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Exciting! Let’s Custom Design A Shed With Beachy Barns

I didn't know HOW I would design the interior of my she shed, but I knew I NEEDED her. Custom designing a shed was so fun and I can't wait for you to see!


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I knew I wanted to custom design a shed with Beachy Barns, when moving back to Ohio. A she shed with lots of windows!

But before we start custom designing a shed, I have to share the backstory of how this cute 8×14 she shed with lots of windows came to be. I’ll also be answering a few FAQs when it comes to custom designing a shed for your backyard.


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Video: A She Shed With LOTS Of Windows

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Let’s Custom Design A Shed With Beachy Barns Plain City Ohio in Madison County.

The Backstory: Moving From Tennessee To Ohio

The Quirky Cape Cod isn’t my first real estate investment property. I lived in Tennessee for a few years and absolutely loved it.

While I was there, I bought my first property that had big gains. And sadly, we had to move back to my home state so I had to say goodbye.

I sold my tiny farmhouse in Tennessee within 4 hours of it going live on the market (which is quite the story that involves 6 chickens, a huge dog, a skittish cat and 3 small children) and found myself a month later back in Ohio and missing my farmhouse.

When my husband and I first started house hunting in Ohio back in 2016, we came upon this early 1900’s tiny house on Main Street, located in a tiny rural town.

The property had an original  school house building on it, which was being used as a fabric workshop for the then owner. I fell in love instantly with the property, not the owner. And when the seller chose someone else to buy it, my heart was absolutely crushed.

I still think about that little house often, but mainly because I had fallen in love with the old school building. It was then that I knew I wanted a backyard oasis to call my own, one day.

In May 2021, all my manifesting came to be and I found myself custom designing the tiny backyard she shed of my dreams.

Virtual Designed Shed VS. Final Design

A Custom She Shed With Lots Of Windows

Beachy Barns Custom Sheds Example

Beachy Barns is located in Plain City Ohio in Madison County. 

It’s my hometown county growing up, so deciding to go with them to design and build my custom she shed was two-fold. 

I love supporting local businesses that are located in my hometown and surrounding rural Ohio counties whenever possible.

They also had GREAT reviews and when I visited their lot to tour their current inventory (and to inspect the quality of their construction), I was super impressed!

Scroll up to see the design version of my custom she shed vs an image taken right after (free) delivery to The Northridge Project.

But Bri, Why So Many Windows?

As an artist who once had a thriving professional portrait and wedding photography studio and then a successful magazine business that I often photographed and created videos for…natural light is always a must-have!

Why thirteen? Well…13 is my lucky number. It’s my birthday number. It’s my positive vibes happy number. I designed this shed with 12 actual windows + a window door.

And I freaking LOVE it.

Why Make A Shed Look Like A House?

The design process for this she shed of mine is a bit whacky, really. I went into the design not knowing EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it once it was on my property

Instead, I focused on what I KNEW TO BE TRUE; 

I need lots of windows for the most natural light and I wanted the exterior elements of the shed to match the final renovation look of the main house on The Northridge Property. 

I’ve always known that the final renovated main house would have a black metal roof and would have board and batten siding on the main box (where a new front porch will be built).

I also knew that for a higher resale value, having a shed visually appeal as an extension of the main house was the best idea.  

Ultimately I decided on A Cabin Shed Frame with Beachy Barns that would allow me to put windows on all sides of the shed and have a front porch.

landscaping design idea for backyard sheds image of boxwood and other plants

Boxwoods are my favorite (shed in background)

6 Ways To Make A Shed Look Like A House

  1. Choose a paint color that matches the exterior color scheme of your main house.
  2. Add a front porch or a deck to your shed. It will instantly be visually appealing.
  3. If your main house has shutters, add a couple of windows with shutters to your shed.
  4. Add window boxes directly under the windows on your shed and add lots of pretty flowers!
  5. It’s always a great idea to add decorative elements like trim, molding and/or gable vents to the exterior of your shed. You could even choose shaker shingles and other designs that are complimentary to the main house.
  6. Add some pretty bushes and flowers as landscaping around the shed’s perimeter, to include it into your main landscaping design plan.

FAQs About Backyard Sheds

What are the different styles of sheds?

There are several different storage shed designs to choose from. Those include Gable, Quaker, Cabin, Mini Barn, Cape Cod, Cottage, Modern, Retreat, Classic and Highwall.

What is the most popular shed size?

Typically, a small shed will be 10×12 in size. A medium shed will be 10×16 in size and a large will be 12×20.

Of course if you go with a company that offers custom builds they may have a TON of sizes to choose from.

kitty laying on a porch
Girl Planted Lifestyle Blog By Bri Alli image of Bri

Bleu Kitty loves the front porch as much as I do!

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Final Thoughts

Thanks for checking out my custom she shed with lots of windows! I am so very excited to turn it into the garden shed of my dreams.

The next project update will be a video and photo tour of the inside of my shed, BEFORE reveal style. Trust me, you'll want to visit me again.

Scroll down to jump on my email newsletter list so you can follow along with the very first interior design project under BBA STUDIOS. See you soon! xo

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custom design a shed with beachy barns | she shed with lots of windows video

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