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Let’s Create A Killer Mission Statement For Your Blog – No.04

You've found your vibe and voice. Have come up with some solid ideas for creating content you actually love. Have figured out who your perfect person is. Now it's time to craft the perfect mission statement!


Girl Planted By Bri Alli Is All About Embracing Cozy Intentionalism To Create The Home, Life + Personal Brand You Love

Are you ready for lesson four?! I love this one, so let’s jump right in and create a killer mission statement for your blog. Don’t miss the FREE fill in the blank examples down below.

Crafting a personable, but to the point brand bio or mission statement (or both) is essential in setting a tone for your brand. It’s time to be real, authentic and connect with your target audience with a few simple words.

You also want your brand new visitor to understand who you are and what you do within seconds of landing on your home page, social media account or Pinterest. 

Really, anywhere you are located online, needs a brand bio snippet.


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Crafting A Killer Mission Statement For Your Blog Is Simple

Let’s recap lessons 1, 2 and 3; We’ve identified your brand’s personality, what things you’re passionate about, the type of content you plan to create, who you’re talking to (aka your person) and how you’ll be connecting to that person with your content, words and messaging.

Now we need to identify what you actually do and craft a killer mission statement that will ultimately be your brand’s anthem.

This is also a way to tie in all of your passions, giving them that single commonality that will keep you intentional, consistent and productive.

This is really fun, but can be a bit intimidating to put together. I’m going to make it as easy on you as possible, my fellow creative friend!

Why Do You Even Need A Mission Statement?

Having a mission statement for your blog is important because it gives your online visitor a crystal clear understanding (without hesitation) of what your blog (or your blog article) is about.

If you don’t specifically say what it is that you do or write about on your blog then a new visitor will quickly close their browser and do a new search.

But that important note aside, your mission statement is as much for you as it is for your target audience. Let me explain.

Your mission and/or message is your ultimate guide for staying on track with your actual goals. What do you want to accomplish with your blog?  Why are you doing this blogging thing anyway? Do you need help reining in all those ideas swirling around your head all hours of the day? 

Your mission statement can be that anchor you need to keep you grounded and to help you succeed.

Where Can You Publish A Mission Statement?

I approach this entire task a bit differently, than other brand strategists out there. I think about real life conversations FIRST and then figure out WHERE I need specific copy to go.

Some places you’d publish variations of your mission statement could be on your website, social media bios, individual landing pages for sales funnels, business cards, media kits and the like.

I personally have different variations of my mission statement, depending on what my goals are for each and every location.  

Here’s something you may not know, but when you are strategically blogging the chances of someone doing a search on Google and landing on a specific, individual page of your website is MOST likely. Very rarely do people stay and browse the entire site, unless they feel that emotional connection to you and actually want to hang out for awhile. 

So knowing that each and every published page is an opportunity to connect, make a sale, provide help, etc. means you should have different variations of your mission statement and tweak as needed for the person who is doing a specific search for a topic you can uniquely help them out with. Cool, right?

Step 1: What Do You Actually You Do?

I want you to imagine yourself in a room full of strangers. A super confident person walks up to you and introduces themselves. They tell you exactly what they do as a content creator. Then they ask, “So, what do you do?”

Deer in headlights, ammi right?

Let’s change this ASAP! The goal? Confidently state who you are and what you do as a creator. No hesitation, full conviction – basically be the badass girl boss I know you are.

Step 1: What Do You Do Example

I really do love this lesson; not gonna lie. 

“Hi, I’m Bri Alli. I own a lifestyle website that reaches women in their 40s, who are looking to simplify and really enjoy this next decade of their life.”

Pro tip: Don’t be too wordy, get right to the point and confidently answer in a way a youngish child would understand.

Basically, you want someone to get it right away – no fluff or fuss – and let that confidence inside of you, shine bright like a diamond, as Rihanna would say.

Also, I just so happen to have a few kiddos running around my home at the time of writing this and they all understood right away what mommy does for her job. Whoop!

Step 2: That's Super cool! Tell Me More

If the stranger you’re chatting it up with actually GETS what it is you do as a creator or as a blogger or writer or photographer…whatever you identify yourself as…then they might ask you to tell them more. Are you prepared?!

It’s important to be able to go into a little more detail. If someone wants to get more information, then being able to also answer this second question confidently and quickly, is key.

Pro Tip: You want to attract the right person or repel the wrong one. Don’t be in the in-between or “la la land” as my high school tennis coach would call it. You’ll never win a match standing in the middle of the court!

Step 2: Tell Me More Example

Before I share my example, it’s time to attract your perfect person! Have no idea what I’m talkin’ about? Go check out LESSON 3 in my How To Build A Brand In 7 Days series.

Let’s imagine this stranger I’m chatting with is also 40 years old and identifies as a woman. She’s intrigued by the “simplify” and “enjoy this next decade of life” parts of my what do you do answer.

It’s important that I go into detail, but I don’t want to scare her away! Simplicity, but being specific is the approach I always take when going into a little more detail on what it is I actually do for my job.

And when it comes to crafting a mission statement or blog brand bio snippet, you want to also say exactly what it is you do, too. Why?


Here’s what my reply sounds like. “Well, I write really cool articles about intentional living, plants, travel, fashion; Overall simplicity practice through fun challenges. I also share healthy recipes, my home renovation projects and I help other women start their own profitable websites. I absolutely LOVE it!

Step 3: Smoosh It Altogether

I find that practicing verbally stating what it is that you do and then going into a bit more detail is a GREAT way to exude confidence, no matter who you’re talking to.

Pro tip: There’s no need to make this complicated. In fact, the easier your statement is to say, the easier it is for someone to remember who you are and what your brand is all about. 

So when the time comes to actually write the copy (or words) for your blog, your about page, your social media, etc. you will be able to use that conversation to craft a killer mission statement that you can then use for your blog, your blog brand bio snippet and more!

So, let’s quite literally smoosh step one and step two together in a way that makes complete sense… to a youngish child.

You also want to be specific so you attract the right person and repel the people who quite honestly would end up wasting your time.

Step 3: Smoosh It Altogether Example

  • My Informative Mission Statement For This Website’s Home Page:

    Girl Planted Is A Home & Lifestyle Blog Written For A Woman In Her 40s Who Loves Healthy Food, Simplicity, Creating A Cozy Home And Living Intentionally, Unapologetically. 

  • My Pinterest Brand Bio Snippet:

    Lifestyle Blog By Bri Alli. Written for the unapologetic woman in her 40s, helping her to live more intentionally, simply, in order to actually enjoy this next decade of her life. Hello!

3 fun, EASY ways to write up a personal brand mission statement for your blog, website, social media brand bio snippet

Now that we’ve gone through the more personal, real life scenario and have figured out HOW we want to say what it is we do and who our target audience is, we can start adding some mood and vibe to our brand.

If you’re still feeling a little stuck, here are 3 fun, easy ways to approach a personal brand mission statement.

  1. Everyone LOVES feeling inspired right? So how about you think of ways to share how YOU are inspired, but say it in a way that makes your reader or visitor feel inspired themselves.

    The trick is to make this person feel like you’re talking to them directly and you’re creating content for them (aka it’s not about you, it’s always about them and what they gain from hanging out with you). 

  2. You can also create a list or even an outline for the topics you write about on your blog. Maybe share the values and goals behind those topics. Think about why you’re writing and what you want your reader to feel or take away from their visit. Just don’t be too wordy!

    I LOVE thinking about my website as my virtual home. I’m inviting a very specific person to come on inside, to sit down on my comfy leather sofa with a hot coffee and engage in a personable, girlfriend to girlfriend chat. I want them to know that I value them, their time and that I cannot WAIT to help them live the intentional life they’ve always wanted. 

  3. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Brainstorm fun ways to express yourself and your core message. You are unique, darling. Never forget that. Be yourself, unapologetically and you just cannot go wrong. 

A Simple Fill In The Blank Mission Statement For Your Blog

Hi, I’m ___(your name)___ and I ___(what you do for a job)___ for ___(your perfect person / target audience)___.  

EXAMPLE:  Hi I’m Bri Alli and I write about intentional living and simplicity for the unapologetic woman in her 40s. 

A Simple Fill In The Blank Mission Statement For Your Social Media Bio

I’m a ___(what you do for a job)___ for ___(your perfect person / target audience)___, helping them ___(what problem do you solve)___ in order to ___(how you help them)___.

EXAMPLE:  I’m a lifestyle blogger for the unapologetic woman in her 40’s, helping her to live more intentionally, simply, in order to actually enjoy this next decade of her life.

A Casual Fill In The Blank Mission Statement For Your Blog

Hey there! Are you looking for  ___(what problem do you solve)___ ? I can help with ___(how you solve that problem)___.  I’m ___(your name)___ and I’m a ___(what you do for a job)___ for ___(your perfect person / target audience)___. C’mon in to join the party! You’re welcome here.

EXAMPLE:  Hey there! Are you looking for ways to actually enjoy this next decade of your life? I can help you simplify things one at a time, through easy to complete challenges. I’m Bri and I’m all about living intentionally and unapologetically as a woman in her 40s. C’mon in and join the party! You’re welcome here.

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Save Lesson 4: Let's Create A Killer Mission Statement For Your Blog For Later

Let’s Create A Killer Mission Statement For Your Blog Featured Image of a girl sitting at a desk with a computer and a mug

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Final Thoughts

I’m cheering you on over here. Try to go into this somewhat daunting and quite possibly overwhelming to-do, with an open mind and an open-heart.

If you’re at the very beginning of your branding journey and still haven’t made concrete decisions for your blog, this might seem like an impossible task! 

Hang in there and take your time. Try out some ideas first, then start your branding journey. And sometimes, it’s best to just launch with a starting place and tweak as you grow!

That’s what happened with Girl Planted. 

Thank you for visiting me today! See you soon for lesson five in this seven part series! xo

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