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It’s Still LOVE. Mora Ceramic Flat Plates Set Of 6 Updated Unbox And Review

The best ceramic flat plate on amazon is by Mora Ceramics. This set of 6 is stunning. They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, scratch resistant and lead-free amongst other great things! Spoiler alert: I love this plate set!


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This post was originally published February 24, 2022 and updated on March 1, 2023.

When it comes to stocking my kitchen and my work studio with the best, high quality and beautiful items, Amazon is where I go shopping 99% of the time.

TheBEST plate on amazon is the Mora Ceramic Flat Plate. This set of 6 is stunning!

They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, scratch resistant and lead-free amongst other great things!

See my review and watch the stop motion product unboxing below. Spoiler alert: I love this plate set!


Lead-Free Mora Ceramic Flat Plate Set

I remember stumbling upon an article online, years ago now, talking about the dangers of having lead in your kitchenware. I remember feeling panicked because I just had no idea such a thing existed.

After I jumped into a rabbit hole of research, I discovered that lead is an incredibly toxic substance that accumulates in your body over time. It’s not something that you’d feel happening, as it builds up inside of your body. Scary right? Ugh. 

Lead is used in a lot of the glazes or decorations found on ceramic dishes. So all of those adorable patterned plates you have and love?

Definitely do some research to see if they contain lead. I did that same thing and discovered that most of my dishes had lead in them.

In an attempt to make my home a more natural and toxic-free environment, lead-free ceramics are a nonnegotiable must-have. Mora Ceramics are lead-free! Whoop! 

Microwave Safe & Dishwasher Safe

I love that these flat ceramic plates are both microwave and dishwasher safe. When I’m using them for the purpose of food blogging or for food styling and staging, I will simply hand-wash them to keep my studio plates looking crisp and beautiful, longer.

The ones I use in my kitchen that get a lot of regular, every day use as a family of six, I 100% toss into the microwave for reheating leftover meals and definitely use the dishwasher. They do well in BOTH, which is exciting for me as a busy mama of four.

The only note I have here is that if you microwave the Mora flat plates for a shorter amount of time, around a minute to a minute-thirty, the plates don’t get too hot which is phenomenal!

I have found though, if you microwave the plate for 2 minutes or longer, definitely grab oven mitts to take the plate out of the microwave. Mine get a little hot, as most of my other dishes do.

But wanted to throw that out there in case you were wondering.


Mora Ceramic Flat Plate Set

I use these plates in both my kitchen for everyday use AND in my studio to use for styling purposes. I am obsessed! They are so beautiful in person. They are thoughtfully crafted and durable.

I love that for fast heating, they don’t get crazy hot in the microwave. I also love that they are lead-free. That’s one of the most important must-have qualities for me when I shop for kitchenware.

I also love that they come in some really pretty, unique colors. I’ll be getting a mixed colors box of ramekins soon. And I’ll also be adding to my collection for both my kitchen and studio.

The Mora Ceramics line is probably my favorite right now. Seriously.

Let's Unbox These Beauties

Scratch Resistant Ceramic

Nothing irritates me more than big huge scratches on new(ish) plates and bowls. Ok, maybe there are some things that irritate me more. But you know what I am saying. With kitchen plates and bowls and all the things, a lower quality item will easily scratch when you use steak knives and even butter knives. It drives me bananas and I feel like when it’s time to grab a plate for a guest, I feel slightly embarrassed if it’s badly scratched. Like my pink Ikea plates. They are pretty, but super scratched up. 

These Mora plates will scratch eventually from normal wear and tear. But they don’t easily scratch unless you’re adamant on seeing a mark and intentionally be rough when cutting. I mean, don’t do that. 

My Favorite Set Of Plates

I truly love these plates. They have become my new favorite in the kitchen for daily use. I have also been reaching for it more so than others in my studio collection, for food styling photos and recipe videos. They are super durable without being too heavy. They are beautiful with their little speckles. And they are safe to eat off of, being lead-free. 

I have more of the Mora line added to my private amazon to buy list and can’t wait to share those with you, as I buy them.

In all honesty, I shop on Amazon for MOST of the things I buy these days. I have a special needs kiddo who can’t be under those crazy hot and bright florescent store lights (they also hurt my eyes after awhile) so it’s been a bit tough for me to shop in-person. Amazon has truly been incredible in these ways and I’ve almost found everything I’ve searched for. 

I do think you have to do your due-diligence with amazon now that more product scams are circulating, however, this purchase of mine not only went well, but I’m so happy that I’m buying even more from Mora very soon. Have you seen their new serving platters and mugs? Eeep! Don’t judge me, okay?

You may also like these lead-free pasta bowls.

I’ve also owned many items from the DOWAN brand for years and absolutely adore them, mostly for salads and pastas! 

They are a great option if you’re looking for a larger plate that can also be a bowl. I lovingly refer to it as my bowl plate. Ha!

Final Thoughts

More Unboxing And Reviews are here, if you’re interested in seeing other items I’ve intentionally chosen for my home. Leading an intentional life is everything to me, as a woman in her 40’s who is determined to make this next decade the BEST yet.

Thank you for visiting my online home today. I hope this unbox and review has helped you decide on whether or not to add the Mora Ceramic Flat Plate to your kitchen collection.

A full year later, I'm still in love with these plates. They get a TON of use with my family of six and I'm still equally impressed with this brand.

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Mora Ceramics Set of 6 Flat Plates image

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