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5 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Pursue Women’s Fashion In Your 40s

Thinking you're too old to pursue fashion? Here's 5 reasons why you should pursue women's fashion in your 40s and beyond!


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It’s crazy for me to write this revelation of mine, but when I was younger, fit and beautiful – I didn’t know that of myself. Writing why you should pursue Women’s Fashion In Your 40s is very much therapeutic for me. 

I have never pursued fashion or find my style because I lacked the self-confidence to try new things that were completely outside of my comfort zone. Then I gained weight after my mom died and here I am, in my 40’s, having no idea what my style is.

I really want to change this for myself…so here we are.


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I'm on a get healthy, happy & fit Adventure

At the time of writing this post, I am 50 days into this new lifestyle of mine and I feel GREAT! I’m keeping a private video journal and saving milestone days on instagram. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see the progress I’ve made thus far.

I’m truly so happy I started documenting this adventure of mine, from the very beginning.

But now I’m really wondering, what IS my actual fashion style? I honestly have NO idea. 

How Do I Find My Style In My 40s?

  • STEP ONE: The first step I’m personally doing is creating a mood board on Pinterest, of looks I am naturally drawn to. And just like I do for my branding clients, I ask myself and then WHY am I drawn to these articular items? I think pinpointing some reasons will help me feel more confident going into step two!
  • STEP TWO: I’m going to a retail store and I’m trying on some stuff, damnit. Once I’m browsing the clothing racks, I’ll try and take the time to reflect on the style that makes me feel comfortable and confident (and that is NOT leggings and a tank top, ha!). I’m going to try on LOTS of items and as I’m wearing them, I’ll consider what type of clothes make me feel the best. 
  • STEP THREE: Use my curated Pinterest board as it will help me put outfits together, as a starting place. The last thing I want is to feel overwhelmed. I’ll most likely quit if I feel like it’s just all “too much” ya know?
  • STEP FOUR: Next, I’ll go through my current wardrobe and see what pieces I already have that fit with my desired style. I’d love to eventually pursue a time capsule wardrobe and attack this new style of mine, in a minimalist way.
  • STEP FIVE: Consider investing in a few high-quality items that will help keep me grounded, as I slowly add more pieces to my wardrobe collection. I literally cannot WAIT to get to this step and see what I’ve come up with for myself. 

Is it too late to pursue a fashionable wardrobe in my 40s?

I’m going to be super transparent here; I’m talking to myself with this one. Sometimes I let my inner mean girl have a voice and she tells me that I’m too old or not good enough to pursue fashion – that I’m being ridiculous.

Dear Bri and to whomever else reading this, who also has those self-doubting emotions fill their beautiful heads…It’s never too late to pursue a fashionable wardrobe, no matter your age! 

Women’s Fashion In Your 40s is TOTALLY a thing. In fact, it’s a fantastic thing!

I feel like now that I’m in my 40s, my life experiences and knowledge about what I actually like can be a huge asset in creating a stylish wardrobe.

Now that my kiddos are getting older, I do have a little more wiggle room in my budget, allowing me to invest in a few higher quality, timeless pieces that will last for years to come!

I already know I’m not super into trends, so staying current doesn’t matter much to me. But if you DO like trends, there are many opportunities to experiment with different looks an feel confident in this form of self-expression. 

We simply cannot be afraid to try something new – we may just end up finding our signature look!

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Program

Okay, so keeping all of the above in mind, I knew I wasn’t quite ready for a retail store – try-on – kinda trip. Amazon to the rescue! I am excited to try their “Try It Before You Buy It” Prime Wardrobe Program, so I could play with my style a bit in the comfort of my home. 

This is me literally taking my own advice and pursuing women’s fashion in your 40s.

How Does Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy Program Work?

Prime Try Before You Buy is a one of many Prime-exclusive program’s available! Super cool, right? Basically you can try on eligible items across women’s, men’s, kid’s, and baby’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Try up to SIX items at home and pay for only what you keep.

Easy Peasy.

I also visit my local Kohl’s to process all my Amazon returns, which honestly is the most convenient service ever. I like simplicity.

My First Try Before You Buy Order:

I honestly cannot WAIT to get my first 6 items. I took my time in choosing and I tend to lean more neutral in color over-all, so that I can make as many outfits as possible out of the least amount of items. This is called a capsule wardrobe, if you didn’t know.

I didn’t get any accessories, but there were SO many “try before you buy” items to choose from. Which is really nice. I feel like it took the pressure off with ordering, knowing I could return any items that didn’t fit just right (or let’s be real for a sec – things that I think will look good on me, but actually end up looking dreadful).

As soon as I receive the items I’ll be trying them on and putting together different looks. I’ll also be writing up a review post, for anyone who may be interested in that.

5 Reasons You Should Pursue Women's Fashion In Your 40s

Let’s both jump into this feet first, girl.

  1. It is never too late to pursue a passion. We are never too old to develop a new interest and fashion is an incredibly rewarding, confidence-boosting passion to pursue.
  2. We can bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to our own wardrobes. We’re in our 40’s so we should have a great idea of what we like, don’t like, despise and LOVE. Let’s start thinking about fashion and style as an art form, yes?
  3. I think maybe our age will help us to create unique designs and ideas that are truly special and timeless. I think we are going to completely surprise ourselves, if we put our entire hearts into fashion.
  4. Once we pursue a fashion style that feels the best, our sense of self-expression and empowerment is going to skyrocket! Confidence will beam off of us like beautiful, bright sun rays. Dontcha think?! 
  5. I’m fairly certain we can find a sense of community within the fashion genre with other women our age. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to connect with other inspiring, creative individuals that are also interested in fashion in your 40s.

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So, are you going to go for it?

Thank you for reading this post! I hope it has inspired you to not wait a moment longer and find your fashion style in your 40s. I no longer feel silly for wanting to do this for myself.

I say we just freakin' go for it already, and be unapologetic about it

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