RXBAR Review Protein Bar Variety Pack of 10

RXBAR Review: 10 Protein Bar Variety Pack (2022)

I love grabbing a protein bar on the days I spend a lot of time in my car. It's just an easy snack or meal replacement option. But are there plant-based protein bars that you can buy from the store that are actually healthy?


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I cannot WAIT to jump this RXBAR Review. You see, I used to eat protein bars like they were candy, back in my early twenties. That’s the time of my life where you’d find me rushing around OSU’s campus in an attempt to get to class on time. 

I practically lived on protein bars (and chicken salad from By The Numbers Cafe) for an entire year, which 100% contributed to my freshman fifteen. 

Once I started my plant-based diet / weight loss journey a very long time later, I knew I needed to steer clear of those kind of bars. But was there a healthy, plant-based option? 

I’m happy to report that I found one. 

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Are RXBARs Healthy?

Yes! I’m so happy to report they are a healthy choice for protein bars. 
I’m always leery of pre-packaged items, because often times we find a whole bunch of ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Scary, right? The RXBAR brand states they are Gluten-Free, Paleo and Whole30. They even make a Keto Diet friendly bar. The main ingredients are listed on the front packaging of each bar. And each bar states they use natural flavors only and “No B.S.” which means No Bad Stuff. 

(via the RXBAR website).
RXBAR Review Protein Bar Variety Pack

Is the RXBAR A Meal Replacement?

Yes and No. I feel like this is a personal choice that only you can answer. 
Each bar seems to be right around the 200 calorie mark (at least the ones I have personally tried). I’m not sure I’d want to claim that as a meal, but perhaps if it fits into your meal or diet plan, then maybe it could be. You’ll have to make that decision for yourself. When I’m on the go, it’s something I eat solo and it fills me up until I’m able to have a full meal.

RXBAR Review | RXBAR Protein Bar Variety Pack (2022)

This isn’t my first encounter with an RXBAR. In fact, I am a regular customer. I have two flavors that I really LOVE; Peanut Butter Chocolate and Chocolate Sea Salt. YUM.  When I saw this particular variety pack on the store shelf, I was excited to give the other two flavors a try.

I absolutely love the taste of the two bars I mentioned above. The bars are a bit sticky in my teeth, which was a thing with all four flavors, but it’s not that big of deal for me. I primarily love the clean ingredients and that they use dates to sweeten the overall taste. They are light on my sensitive tummy, too. I feel energized and full after eating one, especially if I drink a bunch of water with it.

Blueberry – I hated it. Now to be fair, I’m not a fan of blueberry-flavored anything. I love fresh blueberries and even baking with blueberries, but when it comes to something store-bought I usually don’t like it. If you are someone who enjoys blueberry flavored foods, you may enjoy this bar. The texture was the same as the other bars, maybe slightly easier to bite into.

Coconut Chocolate – I wanted to love it; I really did. I typically adore ALL things coconut. This bar tasted too coco-nutty to me. Yes, thats a thing. Ha! I’m not sure if they used a coconut sweetener or how the coconut was integrated into this bar, but I didn’t enjoy it. Again the texture was pretty spot on with the other 3 bars, which I didn’t mind at all. 

Clearly, as I eat the Chocolate Sea Salt and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors the most.

Where Can I Buy RXBARs?

I picked this pack up at my local Walmart. It’s hit or miss finding these bad boys in the store. Amazon is my go-to back-up for a lot of things. You can shop right from the RXBAR Website, Walmart Online and Target Online. You can also use the store locator tool on their website to find the closest in-stock store location near you.

Try An RXBAR Protein Bar Variety Pack

An on to go, healthy, protein-packed option for busy lifestyles. My 5 year old son, who is an incredibly picky eater, loves the protein bar that I also claim as a favorite (so far). I’m so excited that they have a kid-friendly option. We’ll be ordering those to try soon, along with a few other items from their product line-up.

Are RXBARs Plant-Based?

Yes, Yes, YES! Which is the most exciting thing for me. I really do love this brand and the ingredients they use to make their products. As a busy CEO, food blogger and mama of four cute humans who is on a personal get-healthy journey, sticking to my plant-base diet is essential on my busiest days. The RXBAR helps keep me on track when I need to grab and go!

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Final Thoughts

I’m truly bummed that I didn’t like the Coconut Chocolate RXBAR. I’m not surprised that I didn’t like Blueberry. I will 100% keep buying the Chocolate Sea Salt and The Peanut Butter Chocolate RXBARs. They are SO good. 

I really like the texture of the bars. These have quite a few carbs, so I’m excited to see a keto friendly option and hope to try it soon.  

I’m also pretty intrigued with the other products they offer to their customers. I’m currently on a Daily Harvest taste-testing journey; perhaps the RX product catalog will be next? Thanks for reading!

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