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Why Do I See The Same Number Everywhere? Powerful!

Seeing The Same Number Everywhere, Over And Over? Me, too! This Is What It Means According To My Tarot Card Deck.

Originally written in my personal diary January 2021, with updated, current personal thoughts.


Girl Planted By Bri Alli Is All About Embracing Cozy Intentionalism To Create The Home, Life + Personal Brand You Love

I was feeling really lost after my mother passed away. She was so young and I didn’t get far enough time with her. I didn’t truly understand just how heartbroken I’d be and how intense, but somehow different each wave of grief would feel as it rushed over me. 

I discovered Tarot as a way to connect more intimately to the Creator of my Universe and for the first time since my mother passed away, I felt heard, seen and understood. Not only that, I started seeing the same number everywhere and felt my mother’s presence once more.

Different life milestones being hit without her. I fell in love, married and had four babies without her being here with me. It wasn’t until I had an encounter with the moon, one beautiful summer evening, that I felt a connection again…after 17 years of feeling so very sad. 

I have Tarot to thank for that beautiful connection.


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Seeing The Same Number Everywhere, Explained With Tarot

Numbers are a way of showing us that there’s a significance and meaning behind them. Why this number? Here are a few reasons I have found to be true for me, in seeing the numbers 3 and 13 over and over, every day for the past few years since beginning my tarot reading adventures.

  • Seeing the same number repeatedly can be a sign of synchronicity and it might be a reminder from the universe that you are on the right path.
  • It can also symbolize a sign of support, love and guidance from a guardian angel.
  • Seeing the same number can be literal if it holds special meaning to you (birthday, anniversary or any other date of personal significance).
  • It may be a reminder from the universe to take a moment to hit the imaginary pause button in order to reflect on a specific situation, or opposite; to take action!
  • Finally, it could be a sign that an important period of your life is coming to an end and that a brand new cycle is beginning.

How To Get Started With Tarot In Your 40s

There are four ways I easily got started with Tarot as a complete newbie.

  1. Start by reading and studying the basics of how tarot works. There are many online and in-person courses and classes available to help you understand the fundamentals.
  2. Seek out to other tarot readers who you feel an instant connection with and let their messages for you inspire you to do a reading for yourself! 
  3. Experiment with different decks and find one that you feel drawn to. As you learn more about the tarot, you can try out different decks, as each are so very unique (and beautiful).
  4. Once you find the deck that feels like a fit, clear your mind, calm your body and use tarot as a way to connect with the creator of your universe.

How I Got Started With Tarot

I sat down with my very first tarot deck, a self love and self help inspired spread, and allowed myself to clear my very busy mind.

I gave myself some time to feel centered. I thanked my higher power, the Creator of my Universe, for always looking out for me, caring for me and guiding me.

Because YES, I am a spiritual person who believes in personal growth and meditation and finding mental wellness in whatever way works best for me. 

I personally vibe the most with tarot and spoiler alert, fell in love!

Image of a fluffy white pillow, a pink journal, pen and a tarot deck for seeing the same number blog article

How I gave myself a tarot reading

I found a quiet space in my home that made me feel happy, I breathed in deeply, held my breath and exhaled slowly. I repeated this until I felt completely calm and centered. Then I simply started talking…

“I want to clear out the clutter in my mind. I want to think more deeply about the things that ring the loudest. Why do I feel the way I do and how do I move forward with unwavering confidence and passion? How do I know what my purpose is?”

As you can clearly see, I had no idea how to give myself a reading. But honestly, the more I kept talking, while holding the entire deck of cards near my heart, I felt better. I felt heard and I started shuffling the cards.

I was given three cards. And when I say “given” I mean, as I was shuffling my deck, three cards made their way out of the deck and onto the table I was sitting at.

In fact, I never actually choose a card when I do a self tarot reading. The cards are always kinda tossed my way. Wild, right?! I love it!

11:11 - Look For Signs and Synchronicities

The first card I was given said this. I instantly got goosebumps, when I started looking at this card; studying it. And then again, when I started reading the meanings behind the message.

Did you know that it’s believed by many that numbers are a way of communication between the earthy present mind and the spiritual beings that surround us?

Some believe that if you see your favorite number over and over, it’s a message from the spirits that are looking out for you.

If you are seeing a specific number over and over, it could be a message that you’re on the right path and are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey.

BRI ❤︎s

Tarot Decks I Recommend

I started out with this deck (which I later gifted to my teenage daughter, who also felt a connection to it and LOVES). Shine From The Inside is a beautiful deck as you can see (pictured).

My second Tarot deck is one I fell head over heels in love with and purchased for myself on my 40th birthday. I still use it, whenever I feel a pull to talk more intimately with the Creator of my universe and my mama who is my guardian angel.

This Tarot deck is on my wishlist (and is the featured image of this diary entry). It is everything I’ve been wanting in an animal spirit deck. I can’t officially recommend this yet, but I had to include it because of this beautifully intense pull I have to it. 

I have the most beautiful, goosebump worthy story to share with you soon, about my mama’s spirit coming to me in bluejay form. I’ll sit down to write that one soon. Will be a tear-jerker for me, thats for sure!

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Here are my thoughts, once I sat with this card for a bit

I‘m truly in love with the idea of a number showing up when I need to see it.

I have always believed that my birthday 913 holds amazing luck and good fortune. And I see the time 9:13 almost daily, twice a day. I am not trying to look at the clock during this time, but it always ends up being that way.

In my heart, I feel like my Mother is saying hello. Secondly, I feel like it’s my reminder to stop whatever I am doing in that moment and take a deep breath to soak in the happiness I feel when I see my birthday numbers. Kind of like an instant mood boost, ya know?

It’s my reminder to be thankful to be alive and to be in the moment, more often.

I am also a believer that if a specific number keeps showing up, for me it’s the number 3, there’s a pretty specific reason behind it.

To know what my spirit presence is trying to tell me, I take note of what I’m doing when I see the number. Is it a good vibes or negative vibes kinda thing?  Whatever number is showing up, may be telling me to keep doing what I’m doing, or to abandon ship and switch things up!

I typically see the number 3 when I’m doing something that excites me; something that sparks a passion deep within my soul. I also see it a lot when I’m spending intentional time with my babies.

What do you think the universe is communicating with you when you see the same number often? 

You'll thank me later

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