Simple Savory Protein Oat Muffins Recipe featured image of 6 muffins baked and sitting on a wooden platter

Simple Savory Protein Oat Muffins Recipe: A Low Fat Breakfast Option

Looking for a low fat breakfast option? I have just the healthy, low calorie, savory protein oat muffins recipe for you!


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Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm. If you like savory food, this muffin might be for you!

My savory protein oat muffins recipe is simple to make, low in sugar, high in protein and makes for a delish low fat breakfast option.


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What Do These Savory Oat Muffins Taste Like?

I love adding earthy spices to my oat dishes. For this muffin, I chose two; ground cinnamon and pumpkin pie seasoning, which has a mix of spices in it. Each bite is enjoyable, warm with spice and a bit nutty.

I feel like these ingredients put together are the perfect combo for a delish, savory bite.

My picky little eater, my blondie boy, loves these muffins and I must admit…for a girl with a major sweet tooth…I really LOVE this savory bite just as much as the sweet stuff I make, like this dessert oats meal I recently made.

Can Protein Powder Replace Flour?

YESSSSS! In fact, I have replaced my flour altogether with my favorite plant based protein powder.

I’ve tried both the vanilla and the chocolate flavors in baked goods, meals and in original recipes. I especially love using protein powder to make pancakes and waffles.

I’m going to try making cookies with protein powder, next. Wish me luck!

My Savory Muffins make a great Low Sugar, Low Calorie, Low Fat Breakfast Option

I love using a ripe medium sized banana in my muffin recipes because one banana goes a very long way. I did want to keep the sugar to a minimum, so I also added a tiny bit of allulose sugar (a wonderful keto-friendly, plant based sugar alternative). 

To keep the calorie count under 150 per muffin, I opted to use almond milk, protein powder and egg whites.

Egg whites actually helped to keep these muffins a low fat breakfast option, too!

P.S. I made this batch of muffins in my new Pioneer Woman Floral Muffin Tin, a gift from my husband. He said he picked it up at Walmart.  I love it, by the way. 

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Simple Savory Protein Oat Muffins Recipe featured image of 6 muffins baked and sitting on a wooden platter

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