Self Love Is My Thing; 5 Ways To Crush On Yourself Post Image Of Several Daily Harvest food containers and a handwritten love note on the front

Self Love Is My Thing; 5 Ways To Crush On Yourself

It's just a little crush...on myself. And I'm not sorry about it! Today I'm sharing 5 ways I show myself love and TLC.


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Do you or have you ever written yourself love letters? I have a confession to make – I love this idea, but rarely DO it. So I set out to change that.

Thanks to  my partnership with Daily Harvest, I was able to feel inspired to show myself a little self love. Looking for 5 ways to crush on yourself? I’ve got ya covered!

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1. Give yourself some Me-time Every Single Day

Taking just a little time for yourself each and every day is essential. It’s also, in my humble opinion, the BEST way to show yourself some self love, on repeat. 

Only have 10 minutes? Take those 10 minutes and be intentional with that time.

Three Ideas For Your Self Love, Me Time:

  1. Unplug
    Place your ringer on silent, put it in a drawer and walk away. Intentional time away from any and all electronics, especially our cell phones, is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.

  2. Practice Self Care
    Take that extra long shower. Try out that facial mask you’ve had in your vanity drawer for over a week. Take a bubble bath with extra bubbles. Pour a glass of wine and sit down with a good book.

  3. Make In-Person Connections
    Ask an old friend to lunch. Go for a drink with a best girlfriend. And if your favorite people are long distance, video-chat while drinking a tea together. Real connection without electronics is a great way to take time for yourself. 

2. Take Yourself Out On A Date

Pamper yourself . You deserve it. 

  • Treat yourself to a spa day.
  • Buy yourself an amazing new outfit.
  • Take that yoga class you’ve been meaning to sign up for.
  • Take a hobby class, in person or online.
  • Go to the cinema to see a movie.
  • Or maybe keep it simple and take a nap.

3. Exercise And Healthy Eats

I’m currently in a funk with my exercise routine and just need to get back to it, already. Fact is – I feel better when I’m exercising regularly and eating a well balanced, plant based diet.

Speaking of easy plant based food; When I have a crazy busy day, I usually grab something healthy from my Daily Harvest bin (yes, I have an entire freezer bin dedicated to only my DH loves). This has been a life-saver for me as a busy CEO and mama of four kids.

Exercise, mainly strength training with loop bands and the stillness of yoga are my JAM. I also really enjoy my boxing sessions with BOB. He really knows how to make a girl sweat. Ha!

Yep, I’m getting back to my CICO, plant based diet and daily exercise routine TODAY. No excuses.

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4. Write Yourself Love Notes In The Form Of Positive Affirmations

Honestly, have you actually tried doing this consistently, for at least 7 days in a row? If not, I am urging you to give it a try!

Not only will you smile whenever you stumble upon a love note, you’ll feel really damn good. I love to hide notes for myself all over the place. I typically forget that I do that and find them days or sometimes weeks later. I love it. 

I wanted to challenge myself intentionally with self love notes for Valentine’s Day this year, so I put together a 13 day challenge for myself and wrote one positive affirmation for each day.

I put these love notes on my bathroom mirror, my computer screen, in my journal and even on my daily harvest smoothies and bites! Ha! 


Self Love Is My Thing; 5 Ways To Crush On Yourself Post Image Of Several Daily Harvest food containers and a handwritten love note on the front

Steal These 13 Positive Affirmations

  1. I am worthy of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance.
  2. I am more than capable of achieving anything I want and set my mind to.
  3. I am beautiful on the inside and the outside, just as I am, right this moment.
  4. I am a strong woman! I’m courageous and can face all obstacles, no matter what life throws my way.
  5. I have a unique voice, gift and purpose with this life I’ve been given and I am on the path of fulfilling it.
  6. I will create a life of pure joy, abundance and personal fulfillment.
  7. I am surrounded by amazing friends, family and aquaintences who support and encourage me.
  8. I will reach my goals and fulfill my deepest desires.
  9. I am enough. I am enough. I am enough!
  10. I am genuinely loved and cherished by those around me.
  11. I am manifesting the life I desire and dream about often.
  12. I am worthy of respect and appreciation.
  13. I am worthy of living the life of my dreams that is abundant and prosperous.

5. Celebrate A Personal Success

First and foremost, girl, pat yourself on the back! Go ahead, I’ll wait. Recognize the hard work and dedication it took for you to reach the point of success, no matter how big or small the task.

If you just achieved one of your biggest goals, please go celebrate with your friends and family. And when you get home and find yourself in silence, take a few minutes to reflect on the accomplishment(s) you just achieved.

A few years ago a HUGE dream of mine came true. Sadly, I didn’t really celebrate just how incredible that entire experience was.

I literally saw all my hard work, love and time in a tangible keepsake that paid me 5 figures. I really regret not acknowledging just how much of a big deal it was.

Don’t forget to be grateful for the good, bad, ugly and amazing parts of the journey from start to finish. And definitely show some love to the people in your life who have supported you along the way. 

Now, go do it all again and enjoy every moment! This is probably one of my favorite ways to crush on yourself.


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Final Thoughts

I think you're the greatest! Thanks for stopping by my virtual home. I hope you leave feeling inspired to shower yourself with some love and perhaps even try a 7 day self love challenge. Have a beautiful day! xo

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Self Love Is My Thing; 5 Ways To Crush On Yourself Post Image Of Several Daily Harvest food containers and a handwritten love note on the front

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