Delicious, Simple Salad With Strawberry And Bleu Cheese

Delicious, Simple Salad With Strawberry And Bleu Cheese

Looking for a light summer salad? This simple salad with strawberry and bleu cheese is the perfect 200 calorie lunch option.


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Am I the only one obsessed with topping my bed of mixed leafy greens with strawberries? Ahhhhhhhh! It’s so delicious. And this simple salad with strawberry and bleu cheese is so light and sweet and a pinch of tangy. Dear friend, you must try this easy to make salad recipe for lunch soon.


Strawberry and bleu cheese pair well together. Bleu cheese is the perfect spicy, tangy, yet mild flavor to add with any sweet fruit. When bleu cheese is mixed together with leafy greens, fresh summer strawberries and a red wine vinaigrette dressing, a single bite will make your tastebuds dance! This simple, light, 215 calorie salad is delicious!

What Fruit Goes Well With Bleu Cheese?

Bleu cheese, while being known as a smelly cheese, is a perfect bite of tangy, sharp and a little spicy. It’s pretty mild in flavor, overall, which makes it the PERFECT cheese to pair with a sweeter fruit. Definitely try bleu cheese with pear, fig, cranberry, berries or apple soon. I’m getting hungry just thinking about any of those combinations! 

Why Eat Bleu Cheese With Strawberries?

Strawberries, when in season, are my favorite fresh fruit to top a simple salad made with leafy greens. I eat a salad every single day and am on a healthy living journey. I’m actually using food to heal from the inside out and strawberries are easy for me to grab out of the fridge and chop up. 

I’m constantly finding ways to keep my day time salads light and lower calorie, with a little protein. When I’m not topping my salad with a meat or plant-based protein, I grab a little bit of cheese. Today’s choice was bleu cheese and damn, was it yummy! 

Love Salads Topped With Strawberries?

“Summer isn’t the only time of year to indulge in a sweeter salad. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth and have trouble eating salads in the winter months, (who me?) this quick simple strawberry salad with feta cheese may do the trick and get you in the mood to add more healthy salads to your life and your plate. Plus, this strawberry feta salad has low calories!”

A Simple Lunch Idea

This strawberry and bleu cheese salad is incredibly simple to put together. Grab your favorite pasta bowl, the four ingredients needed to make the salad and get ready to enjoy a sweet, tangy and light on the tummy lunch.

A Low Calorie Salad Recipe With Fruit

Looking for a low-calorie salad recipe that has fruit in it? I can help with that! This delish dish is just 215 calories, with the Greek Vinaigrette dressing included. All you need are four ingredients: leafy greens, fresh strawberries, bleu cheese crumbles and a red wine based vinaigrette dressing, like the one I use, linked above.

Simple Salad With Strawberry And Bleu Cheese


My favorite every-day salad bowl

I love a good pasta bowl that can double as a salad bowl, too. This set by Dowan is well loved by my family of six. We use these for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I have 2 sets of four in my kitchen cabinet at the moment, as well as a few other items from their line. I’m only a little obsessed, okay?

Pasta Bowls 30 Ounce, Large Ceramic Salad Serving Bowls, White

Strawberry Blue Cheese Salad For Dinner

I just found out that there are 5 types of salads used throughout the course of a meal. A light and tangy salad with strawberries and blue cheese would make for an incredible accompaniment salad. Don’t know what an accompaniment salad is? Basically it’s a small salad that accompanies the main course. I find it quite interesting, to say the least, and cannot wait to put together an entire dinner party menu, utilizing each of the five salad types. Which of the five types are are your favorite?

Simple Salad With Strawberries And Bleu Cheese Recipe Notes

  • If you’re wanting to toss together a salad FAST, this is the one to try. 
  • If you happen to be calorie counting and watching macros like me, you’ll appreciate being able to weigh everything in a single bowl. I talk about my absolute favorite kitchen scale here and highly recommend it, if you’re looking for an accurate food scale that’s also sleek, modern and large enough to weigh ingredients in a large bowl or container. It’s flat too, so you can store it in a slide out top drawer in the kitchen! YESSSSS!
  • I weigh all of my ingredients in grams, unless its a liquid, like the salad dressing.
  • This salad is one of my favorites, year-round and I really think you should try it, if you haven’t yet. Yes, even if you don’t like bleu cheese and think it smells like puke (per my four year old’s opinion). Just don’t smell it, mmm kay?

A Real-Time Look At This Tasty Simple Salad With Strawberry And Bleu Cheese Salad

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