strawberry salad with feta cheese

Simple Strawberry Salad Recipe With Feta Cheese

This Fast Lunch Idea is sure to satisfy that sweet tooth. A Strawberry and Feta Cheese Salad is the perfect go-to green salad for a light and sweet lunch. This healthy strawberry and feta salad recipe will get your tastebuds dancing and your tummy will thank you for feeding it well.


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Summer isn’t the only time of year to indulge in a sweeter salad. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth and have trouble eating salads in the winter months, (who me?) this quick simple strawberry salad recipe with feta cheese may do the trick and get you in the mood to add more healthy salads to your life and your plate. Plus, this strawberry feta salad has low calories!


Strawberries and feta cheese go together SO well. It’s perhaps an unusual combination, but paired together with mixed leafy greens and a red wine vinaigrette dressing? Absolutely delicious!

strawberry salad with feta cheese

A Fast Lunch Idea

This strawberry with feta cheese salad is incredibly FAST to throw together. Grab your favorite pasta bowl, the seven ingredients I’ve listed above and get ready to enjoy a deliciously sweet treat.

A Low Calorie Salad Recipe

Looking for a low-calorie, plant based lunch idea? I’ve got you covered! Coming in at approximately 253 calories, with the Greek Vinaigrette dressing included. Holy amaze balls. Wait, saying that totally just gave away my age. Ah, well. I don’t know why that phrase entered my head randomly and I’m pretty sure I haven’t uttered those words out loud since my junior year of high school, but I digress. 

Adding Fresh Herbs To Salad

Do you add fresh herbs to your salads? I absolutely do! Parsley is probably my favorite fresh herb to eat raw, on top of salads. I love its crunchy texture and light taste. I feel like it elevates my salad from being super plain and boring to funky fresh and delicious. I usually tend to only use herbs as garnishes or as a seasoning during cooking, but when it comes to parsley, pretty much anything goes.

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Strawberry Salad With Feta Recipe Notes

There’s very little prep time involved. You’ll chop and dice the onion and strawberries to your delight. You can also chop the parsley, but I am a simple gal and just pulled apart the larger bunches with my hands. The feta cheese I used already came in a container, crumbled, which was definitely a time-saver for this mama of four.

Nutritional information is approximate. I used my new favorite food scale to accurately measure my ingredients by gram and fluid ounce. I find it easier to weigh in grams. I also use a free food scanning and logging app called Carb Manager to track my macros, water in-take and create all my recipes in. I highly recommend it!

plant-based food for beginners


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strawberry salad recipe with feta cheese is 253 calories

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