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It’s LOVE! Taylor Bamboo And Glass Kitchen Scale Unbox And Review

An unboxing and honest review of the Taylor Bamboo And Glass kitchen food scale. Stop Motion video by Bri Alli


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This journal entry was originally published March 14, 2022. It was updated on March 9, 2023.

Looking for a food scale that is large and modern? I have found such a beauty in this kitchen scale.

The Taylor Bamboo And Glass Kitchen Scale  has become such a powerful tool for me on my weight loss journey and has empowered me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Becoming aware of portion sizes for each type of food I was putting into my body, has literally changed my life.

Because I use it daily, I wanted to share the Taylor Bamboo And Glass Kitchen Scale with you. Ready to unbox and review it with me?


How Helpful Is A Food Scale?

Very helpful! Before using a food scale, I was looking up foods already listed in the Carb Manager app and choosing a size, hoping I was accurate.

For instance, I love sweet potatoes and would make one without thinking twice about how many calories were in it. Once I got serious about learning food as it relates to my own digestive system, getting knowledgeable about portion sizes was a must.

That is when I invested in this inexpensive, small, but incredibly effective food scale. Needless to say, my mind was blown away when I saw how many calories I was actually consuming in a sweet potato or in a handful of chips. 

Don’t judge me, friend.

A Modern Kitchen Scale That Is Accurate

If you’re looking for a more modern, sleek, flat food scale, I found one and absolutely love it!

I also searched for a scale that matched the aesthetic of my kitchen.  Looks aren’t everything if the kitchen tool in question isn’t actually helpful or accurate, right?

I found a gem in the Taylor Bamboo And Glass Kitchen Food Scale because it’s pretty, sleek and modern. It’s also accurate with measurements, larger in size and thin, so fitting inside my pull-out cabinet drawer was a huge bonus.

A Large Kitchen Scale That Measures In Grams And Ounces

When shopping for a new food scale, I knew I wanted to get something with plenty of space between the weighing area and the display. It drove me crazy not being able to easily see the weight amount for bigger meals. The smaller scales tend to not hold very much food on them and are great for using small containers with. You’ll need a larger scale if you’re wanting to measure larger amounts of food. Knowing that I needed something a little larger that would hold one of my Dowan pasta bowls, I found this Taylor bamboo and glass scale and fell in love practically immediately!


Taylor Bamboo And Glass Kitchen Food Scale

This is the 2nd Taylor brand scale I’ve owned and it’s very accurate!  I haven’t had to replace the batteries yet with daily use for about 6 months now. I love the bamboo and glass one because the surface area is larger than the round one I had and it’s super slim so it slides right into my cabinet drawer when not in use. I’m super happy with this scale.

Unbox The Taylor Bamboo And Glass Kitchen Food Scale With Me

Can You Recommend A Good, But Not Super Expensive Food Scale?

I’ve been asked to recommend a kitchen scale a few times recently because my inner circle is starting to notice how serious I am regarding my health journey.

A kitchen food weighing scale is a must-have tool and I use it daily. I’ve only ever purchased Taylor products and have had zero complaints over the course of many years.

The scale is essential to me reaching my weight loss and overall healthy living goals. I upgraded the size of my scale to the bamboo and glass one and I have zero regrets doing so.

It’s GREAT and was less than $30 USD. Now, if you’re looking for a starter scale, I started with this one for around $15 USD and it’s held up for years.

What is TARE On A Food Scale?

The TARE function on a kitchen scale makes weighing your foods SO EASY. I used caps because I cannot stress enough how vital tare is to my overall sanity as a busy mom of four on a weight loss mission. Tare on a scale means you can zero-out the weight of whatever was already on the scale first, like a bowl or plate. I typically skip using tons of tiny containers and weigh everything on one plate. TARE makes this possible and saves me so much time. As a food blogger, it’s also a great tool for accuracy in developing recipes and logging macros/nutrients.

A Curated Collection

A curated collection of items I absolutely love and recommend. 

The Best Amazon Food Scale - Taylor Precision Products

Being a huge fan of this brand, I cannot recommend the Taylor Bamboo and Glass Kitchen Scale enough. I’ll only ever invest in this brand, personally, because I know the scales are accurate, no matter their size.

Sure, it’s possible to get a defective one; but that’s a manufacturing issue. I have not had any trouble with the two scales I’ve owned and used over the years. I was able to use TARE on both the smaller scale and larger scale, however, the bamboo and glass is by far my favorite.

The surface space alone makes it a winner for me, allowing me to weigh pretty much all kitchen-related items with ease.

Final Thoughts

I really do love this scale, use it daily for a year now, and it’s still going strong! A part of living intentionally as a woman in her 40’s it’s important to spend my money wisely, on items that last a long time and are items I use often. This pretty kitchen scale is perfect!

Thank you for reading my kitchen scale unbox and review. I hope it's helped you find the perfect scale to add to your kitchen.

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